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Article : ROBUSTEN

Wholesale Ecosoft RObust 1000 reverse osmosis filter

Water for ice makers/Water for drinking and cooking

RObust 1000 is a compact high-capacity reverse osmosis filter. It allows to get clean and safe water for drinking, cooking and water for ice makers.

Water purification consists of the following stages:

  • pre-filtration removes sediment impurities, chlorine, chlorination by-products and natural organic compounds

  • reverse osmosis membrane (Dow Filmtec™ RO membrane) eliminates 99.8% of dissolved impurities, viruses and bacteria

  • post-filtration by Chemviron Carbon activated carbon improves the taste and odor of water

Key advantages

  • Dow Filmtec™ membranes (USA) removes 99.8% of all water impurities, including bacteria and viruses

  • Original and compact design

  • Built-in indicators of control of pre-filters replacement and system operation

  • Designed for tankless operation

Technical data

Inlet pressure, atm


Flow capacity, L/hour


Discharge into the sewage system, L/hour


Feed water temperature, °С


Permissible room temperature, °С




System dimensions (H x W x D), mm

420 х 425 х 220 

Filter weight (base model), kg


Power supply

230 V, 50 Hz

Requirements for the feed water



TDS, mg/L

< 1500

Hardness, meq/L

< 10

Active chlorine, mg/L

< 0.5

Total iron, mg/L

< 0.3

Total manganese, mg/L

< 0.1

COD, mg O2/L

< 5

Total microbial count (TMC), CFU/mL

< 100

E. coli, CFU/100 mL


Components of the filter

  • RObust 1000 reverse osmosis filter

  • Drinking water faucet

  • Connection fitting pack

  • Service wrench

  • Instruction manual

Reverse osmosis is the most advanced technology of water purification. Thanks to a special semipermeable membrane it is possible to efficiently purify drinking water from virtually all harmful impurities, including bacteria and viruses. The pores of this membrane are 200 times smaller than the viruses, and 4000 times smaller than the bacteria.

The high-pressure pump supplies water to two successively mounted membranes. Permeate after membranes  is supplied to the carbon filter, while the concentrate is fed to the second stage membrane, which allows to reduce the volume of effluents (concentrate).

Concentrate after the reverse osmosis membranes through the flow restrictor is discharged into the sewage system. There is a second pressure gauge prior the third membrane, which reads the pressure value  in the membrane module.

The RObust 1000 filter is equipped with a dry-running pump protection function. If the supply of feed water is cut off or the inlet pressure drops below 0.4 bar, a low-pressure switch triggers that closes the solenoid valve and turns off the pump: even if the purified water faucet is opened, the filter will not start until the supply of fresh water with sufficient pressure is restored.

The RObust 1000 reverse osmosis filter is designed for treatment only cold water.

On the front panel of RObust 1000 there are two pressure gauges, one of which displays the inlet water pressure after the pre-filters, and the second - the pressure after the pump in the membrane unit. In addition, for user convenience, the special information label shows recommended pressure values ​​for pressure gauge and recommendations for resolving possible problems if these values ​​do not correspond to those required.

If the pressure after the replacement filter is less than 1 bar, this may indicate its contamination. Procrastination with the change of replacement filters can lead to damage or destruction of the membrane. The pre-filters replacement should be changed after treatment of 8000 liters of water, but at least every 3 months. The resource depends on the consumption and quality of the purified water.

If the filtration rate drops significantly, reverse osmosis membranes must be replaced. To obtain purified water of unchanged quality, we recommend replacing reverse osmosis membranes after treatment of 24000 liters of water, but at least once a year. In the event of long breaks in the filter operations (more than 2 weeks), it is necessary to disinfect the filter (the procedure is  described  in details in the manual).

If the taste qualities of purified water deteriorate significantly, an unpleasant odor appears, it is recommended to replace the carbon post-filter. The post-filter should be changed after treatment of 8000 liters of water, but at least every 3 months.


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