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    Ecosoft advanced water softener 508 Premium (Ecomix® A)
Pure water for your health.
The Ecosoft filters provide safe, unlimited, reliable access to drinking water at your kitchen. The wide variety of the filters is intended to perfectly fit your needs and desires.

Whole house
Perfectly clean water for cooking, bathing and washing up.

The filters are installed at the entrance to your house or apartment.
Best choice for cafes and restaurants.

Drinking water perfect for coffee and tea. Improves taste and odor of dishes, keeps vitamins in products. Recommended by bartenders and chefs.
Boiler plant
Water intended for boilers and heaters. Corresponds to the established requirements to provide effective and safe heating plant operation, as well as to reduce deposits and corrosion.
Drinking water business
Reverse osmosis systems to produce drinking water.
Purified water for any stage of the production process.

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