Making water clean

We are experts for water treatment of the international level. Since 1991 our company has been developing, creating and implementing the most advanced water filtration systems all over the world

Domestic reverse osmosis systems

100% safe and clean drinking water for apartments, private houses and cottages. Easy to maintain and cost-effective to use. Perfect for infant formula

Commercial reverse osmosis systems

Keep customers loyal to your HoReCa business. Astonish them with your cuisine, taste and aroma of your hot drinks

In-line water filters

Remove sediment of various size including sand, rust, scale and turbidity. Protect plumbing systems and water treatment equipment from damage and clogging


Replacement cartridges for a selection of purposes. Compatible with systems produced by various manufacturers


Key elements of reverse osmosis systems. Intended to remove 99.8% of water contaminants, including viruses and bacteria, any kinds of odors or flavors