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Article : COVER1354

Wholesale Tank cover 1354 (anti-condensation)


The anti-condensation cover is used to protect the tank of the Ecosoft 1354 filter from condensation. Easy to put on and remove from the tank. It is made of neoprene – high-quality and high-tech material.

Advantages of the anti-condensation cover

  • Effective protection against moisture generation

  • Aesthetic appearance

  • Resistance to mechanical damage

  • Resistance to fungi

  • Reliability and durability

  • Easy maintenance

Neoprene material is used for the manufacture of the filter tank cover. The material has excellent thermal insulation properties, effectively protecting the filter body from condensation. Neoprene does not change its performance under the influence of sunlight and temperature changes.

Condensate is the water droplets that forms on the surface of the filter vessel. The cause of condensation is the difference in temperature between the environment and the water passing through the filter. As a result, the water contained in the environment in the gaseous state passes into the liquid and forms small droplets.

What is wrong with the condensate on the surface of the filter tank?

Despite the fact that the filter tank is made of corrosion-resistant material, the appearance of moisture on its surface is extremely undesirable. When the dust settles on a damp surface, the tank becomes dirty and requires more careful and time-consuming care.

The wet surface can become a favorable environment for the formation of mold and fungi. Therefore, based on sanitary and hygienic considerations, it is advisable to use a special cover to protect the filter tank from condensation.

The neoprene is a strong and flexible material. Care of the surface of the cover is simple. For easy contamination, the cover is wiped with a damp sponge soaked in a soap solution at a temperature of 30-40 °C. The use of chemicals is not recommended.

The cover can be washed manually or in a washing machine (manual washing mode). Spin is prohibited. Drying the cover is carried out in a straightened form, preferably without direct exposure to sunlight and at a distance of not less than 1 m from the heating appliances. Ironing of the cover is not required.


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