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Clack system controller

  • Can manage from 2 to 6 filters 
  • Provide the required performance  ?
  • 4 control modes  ?
  • Memory availability  ?
  • USB   ?
VAT NOT included

The controller is intended to manage control valves in systems of 2 to 6 filters.

With the controller, it is possible to organize specific logic of the filters operation in order to provide required capacity in the peak moments of water consumption.

A restaurant, hotel, boiler plant, laundry or any production process will be supplied with the purified water, since the controller provides the most effective operation of all the filters of the same stage.

Key advantages:

  • the controller is compatible with the Clack CE1″, CE125″, CE15″ and CE2″ valves, and can manage 2 to 6 filters simultaneously;

  • flexible and reasonable system management settings;

  • 4 modes of management;

  • journal of the system operation for the last 100 days;

  • data on the system diagnostics and settings can be transferred to a flash drive.


The controllers device and features

From 2 to 6 filters can be connected to the system controller, and their operation can be controlled. Each control valve is connected to the system controller with a power cable and a connecting cable. The controller has a panel that is convenient for programming, a counter output and two relay outputs with fuses. The use of a lithium battery ensures that the current time is saved in the controller memory when the power is turned off.
The controller has 4 different control modes:
- cascade;
- backup;
- cyclic;
- selective.
Each of the modes provides peak water intake with the flexibility of the filters.
The controller display shows the current time, day of the week, and the number of days until the next regeneration. LED indicators on the front panel show the status: “in operation”, “pending”, “in regeneration”.

It is possible to connect 2 to 6 filters to the system controller, and to manage their operation. Every control valve is connected to the system controller with the power cable and connection cable. The controller possesses a board convenient for programming, meter output and two relay outputs with protection devices. The lithium battery provides preservation of current time in the memory of the controller in case of power outage.

The controller is able to manage the system in 4 different modes (Progressive flow, Alternator, Series, Random). Each of them provides peak water consumption upon flexibility of filters’ operation.

The display of the controller indicates current time, day of the week and number of days before the next regeneration. The LED indicators on the front panel show the condition: operation/standby/regeneration. There is multicolored lighting of the display for indication of various operation modes.  

Due to the use of the multifunctional controller, the system does not require constant attention. If any problem arises, the controller will inform about the problem at the display with a text message.

Operational characteristics and technical data



Dimensions (H x W x D), mm


Power supply

230 V, 50 Hz

Consumed capacity

not more than 250 W


Clack system controller, power cable, communication cables.


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