We have been producing water purifying filters for 29 years and selling them in more than 60 countries

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We have been producing water purifying filters for 29 years and selling them in more than 60 countries

Set for DUPLEX uninterrupted operation systems with valves 1″/1.25″

Article : DUPLECO1
  • Used to construct DUPLEX systems  ?
  • Simplicity of design  ?
  • Does not create water hammer 
  • Long service life  ?

The set is intended for creation of the DUPLEX uninterrupted operation system. It provides simultaneous operation of filters which doubles capacity and covers peak loads for water demand.   

A restaurant, hotel, boiler plant, laundry or any production process will be supplied with the purified water, since even during regeneration one of the filters will be working.

Key advantages:

  • easy and convenient to install at the control valve;

  • simple design, long and reliable operation;

  • connected without microswitch;

  • does not create water hammers.


System device

DUPLEX is an uninterrupted system with two filter columns connected in parallel. Both filters operate simultaneously, which allows for double performance. Each column has a separate control unit, which is responsible for filtering and regeneration.

Who are the users?

For a restaurant, hotel, boiler, laundry or any other production process, since with the DUPLEX system all consumers are provided with purified water. Continuous water supply - even at the time of regeneration, one of the filters is in operation.

In DUPLEX uninterrupted operation systems two filter vessels are switched on and work simultaneously, leading to double capacity. Every vessel has a separate control unit to manage filtration and regeneration modes.  

To prevent supply of unpurified water to consumer during regeneration of one of the filters, at the outlet line of each filter MAV is installed. The MAV is connected with the cable to the special connector of the filter’s control valve. In the beginning of regeneration, the control valve switches the alternating valve into the off-state. By this, it blocks the access of unpurified water to consumer. After the regeneration the MAV returns to its on-state.

The set requires regular maintenance which involves disassembling and thorough cleaning of the flow distributor and other elements of the alternating valve. 

The service should be performed by qualified staff.

Technical parameters

  • Connection size 1″

  • Material – noryl, polypropylene

  • Operating pressure 1.4 to 8.6 bar

  • Operating temperature +4 to +43 °C

  • Installed only on cold water mains  


Consists of two NHBP (no hard water bypass) valves, one set of vertical adaptors, two microswitches, two cables.