We have been producing water purifying filters for 28 years and selling them in more than 50 countries

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We have been producing water purifying filters for 28 years and selling them in more than 50 countries

Sediment filter Ecosoft FP 1665

Article : FP1665CT
  • No precipitation sludge and sand on the bath and sink  ?
  • Natural, eco-friendly filter media  ?
  • Low operating costs  ?
  • Simple maintenance  ?
VAT NOT included

The sediment filter FP 1665 is intended for water purification from sediment impurities (silt, sand, rust, scale).

Model features

The filter Ecosoft FP 1665 CT is filled by high-quality sorption media Filter-Ag® (Clack Corporation, USA). The filter is also used as the first stage of water purification before softening filters, complex cleaning, removal of chlorine and hydrogen sulfide to ensure their normal and effective operation.


What are the advantages?

  • Lack of sediment silt and sand on the surface of the bath and in the sink.

  • Full automation of the filter.

  • Reliable and efficient work for at least 5 years*.

  • Longer service life of household appliances, plumbing and heating systems.

  • Quality assurance (confirmation by international certificates of CE and ISO).

*Subject to proper operation and timely replacement of filter media.

Filter construction and operation

The system consists of a corrosion-resistant vessel filled with high-quality sorption media Filter-Ag®, and a control valve. In the upper part of the cylinder valve is fixed with elements of the drainage-distribution system.
Water flows into the filter vessel, passes through a layer of filtering media that effectively inhibits mechanical impurities. The purified water moves to the consumer through the central pipe of vessel.
Unit is connected to the cold water supply, sewage and electrical network.


After exhaustion  of the filter media resource, the filter independently switches to the regeneration mode. Reverse flow of water passes at high speed through the layer of media and washes out all impurities from the surface of the carbon, after that water is discharged into the sewer system. Then the filter switches to purify mode.

Who are the users?

The capacity of the Ecosoft FP 1665 CT filter is up to 1.55 m³/h, which allows you to provide pure water for house with up to 7 residents. Unit is suitable for cleaning borehole and tap water.
After treatment, it can be safely used for washing and dishwashers, hand washing and home cleaning.

Improvements are noticeable!

tap (1).png
Pure water in every tap

Lack of sediment silt and sand on the surface of the bath and in the sink

Longer service life of household appliances, plumbing and heating systems

basin (2).png
Safe and pleasant bathing water, washing hands and dishes

The filter is connected to cold water supply. Water enters the filter vessel, goes through the layer of the filter media, which effectively reduces sediment. Purified water is delivered to consumer through the riser pipe of the filter vessel.


When the filter is exhausted, it automatically switches to the regeneration mode in order to regenerate the operational characteristics of the filter media.

At the prescribed time the control valve shifts the system into the regeneration mode. For the consumer’s convenience, the system is regenerated during the time when water is not being consumed. During the regeneration the filter is backwashed at high speed, the water stirs and cleans surface of filter media, washing out all the impurities, and then is being discharged into drain. After this the system can be used for water purification again. Untreated feed water is used for the regeneration.

Thanks to the application of the multifunctional valve, the filter does not require constant attention. The only important task connected to maintenance for customer is timely refilling of the salt. It will ensure efficient regeneration of the filter media and thus durable filter service life and water quality.

If any problem arises, the valve will inform about the problem at the display with a text message.

Technical data



Capacity (nominal), m3/h     


Volume of Filter-Ag Plus® filter media, L


Water consumption for regeneration, m3


Duration of regeneration, min


Water volume for one regeneration, m3


Required level of pretreatment from sediment particles

100 micron

Operating pressure, bar


Pressure drop in service mode, bar


Temperature of feed water, °C


Power supply and consumption of control valve

230 V, 50 HZ, up to 30 W

Connection (male thread)


Net weight, kg


Filter dimensions (HxD), cm

186 х 42

Components of the filter

  • Filter vessel.

  • Clack WS1CT multifunctional control valve (USA).

  • Clack Corporation Filter-Ag Plus® filter media (USA).