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P’URE eco-friendly RO filters

P’URE is the premium line of reverse osmosis filters made by Ecosoft. On the one side, it presents the latest developments in reverse osmosis technology. On the other, it is supplemented with additional filters for healthy and tasty water:

  • The mineralization filter saturates the water with all the necessary minerals and those that nourish the human body

  • The AquaCalcium filter produces exceptionally tasty water enriched with calcium. The filter reproduces the natural process of water flowing through mountains

Ecosoft P’URE filters provide up to 280 L of drinking water per day. They come complete with a storage tank that protects you from unexpected shortages in water supply.

The filter is compactly installed under your sink, requiring no modification of your interior design. Its installation takes less than an hour, and the filters can be replaced later by any member of your family.


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