We have been producing water purifying filters for 30 years and selling them in more than 60 countries

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We have been producing water purifying filters for 30 years and selling them in more than 60 countries

Education for clients in Ireland

During 2nd-5th of October, 2017, the Ecosoft company held educational seminars for employees and customers of the EPS company, Ireland. They took place in the city of Mallow, the county of Cork. The seminars were led by Nataliia Manzhos, the technical support engineer of the Ecosoft company, accompanied by the international sales manager Dmitrii Schebetenko.

Number of participants of the sessions reached 101 people. They were divided into four groups each having classes on a different day.

During the seminars Ms. Nataliia Manzhos has been reviewing the products produced by Ecosoft, among them there were the filtering media Ecomix, cabinet filters for softening and complex water treatment, reverse osmosis filters intended for domestic and commercial water purification and HoReCa (including RObust).

Since the participants of the seminars provide their installation and maintenance, special attention was dedicated to the Clack Corporation CE and disk control valves.

The participants were asked to execute the following exercise. Ms. Manzhos disassembled a Clack valve, and volunteers from the groups had to reassemble it again. Thus, they reassembled 2 valves every day. Ecosoft presented every volunteer who has successfully completed the task with a reverse osmosis system.

In general, all the participants have received certificates about fulfilment of the seminars.

This project represents the next step in cooperation between the Ecosoft and EPS companies. Earlier during 18th-19th of July, 2017, Ecosoft held a 2-day seminar for the employees of EPS in Kyiv, a product manager and a sales specialist. During the seminar the participants have obtained both theoretical data and practical skills concerning the Ecosoft products.  

After the seminar, the Irish guests offered to organize similar education for a larger number of participants. The offer was gladly accepted, and the idea was implemented three months later in Ireland.

– Majority of the clients were very well aware of our product Ecomix, – Ms. Manzhos said. – Thanks to the seminars, they got to know better many other products of our company.

In the future, many more such seminars for the clients of Ecosoft are going to be held as well.

EPS is one of the largest providers of pump and water treatment equipment in Ireland, the UK in general and other European countries. The company has been operating since 1968. Various domestic households, government and large commercial and production companies are among its major customers.  

See more details at http://www.epswater.ie.

Clients about the seminar: https://www.facebook.com/epsgroupireland/posts/523317794667411.