Ecosoft sponsored lectures of ‘Cezve territory’

The International expoforum of restaurant, hotel business and cleaning took place during 1st-3rd of November, 2017, in the Kyiv. Ecosoft sponsored the themed coffee section called ‘Cezve territory’.

Vadim Granovskii, the winner of the UK cezve coffee championship, two-time finalist of the world championship, member of ‘Specialty coffee association of Europe’ (SCAE) and founder of the ‘Coffee in Action’ company, curated the project.

Rostyslav Mudryk, head of product development and technical support department at Ecosoft, gave a lecture dubbed ‘Proper water’, dedicated to treatment of water intended for coffee. 

The SCAE representatives held an open meeting and discussion of SCAE role in the future coffee culture development in Ukraine.

All the drinks were made on the basis of water obtained from the Ecosoft RObust Pro system installed at the location.