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Ecosoft at WETEX-2017

The Ecosoft company took part in WETEX-2017 (https://www.wetex.ae), the largest international water, energy, technology and environment exhibition that took place in Dubai, UAE on 23-25 October, 2017.

Ecosoft was presented by the company’s CEO, Andrey Mitchenko, head of international sales, Georgii Tsatrian, product development and technical support manager, Rostyslav Mudryk, and the company’s international sales manager, Aleksander Biryukov.

Ecosoft products and services were displayed at the 156-sq. m stand of Concorde Corodex Group (http://www.corodex.com), the leading provider of water purification solutions in the Middle East. The following were among the most demanded filters:

  • The RObust PRO filter intended to produce water for coffee and coffee drinks. It was created in cooperation with the world’s leading baristas. RObust PRO purifies water, and enriches it with minerals, essential to open up all the individual notes of the taste and scent of coffee. Corresponds to the SCAA standards.

  • The high-capacity RObust 3000 filter is designed to fulfill the requirements of pure drinking water supply for restaurants, hotels, breweries. It is twice as powerful as the regular filter thanks to two reverse osmosis membranes instead of the regular one. It is capable of providing uninterrupted drinking water supply to a large number of people simultaneously.

  • The Ecosoft MO 6500-36000 LPD reverse osmosis systems represent a reliable turnkey solution for various commercial and residential applications. Water bottling plants, steam boilers, garden centers, restaurants and many other types of businesses take advantage of their excellent performance and durability.

  • The Ecosoft P’URE AquaCalcium reverse osmosis filter enriches drinking water with calcium, which is essential for human health. The filter replicates the natural speed of water when it flows through mountain rocks, and guarantees constant content of minerals in purified water of up to 55-65 mg/L.

The special attention of visitors to the exhibition was drawn to the new product, the Ecosoft AquaPoint filter. It can be used to purify water for household purposes in cafes, restaurants, apartments and private homes. The filter is available in two designs.

The first design represents an economical filter, offering 6 solutions for water purification from common impurities based on various combinations of Ecosoft replacement filters:

  • sand + rust

  • chlorine

  • color and chlorine

  • hydrogen sulfide (smell of rotten eggs)

  • iron

  • iron + hydrogen sulfide

With the second design, consumers are able to modernize their whole house, with the Ecosoft AquaPoint filter connecting it to a softener or a system of comprehensive water purification. It is especially convenient when piping in the house that is already laid is hidden and hard to get to.

The filter is conveniently installed on the floor or hung on the wall.

Ecosoft is very well known in the MENA (Middle East & North Africa) countries, with its high-quality and affordable products for B2B and B2C markets. During the exhibition, company representatives held successful talks regarding the future implementation of large industrial solutions for water treatment in the region.


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