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Drinking water vending machines

Vending machines of TM Zdorova Voda produce drinking water from tap water, and then pour it into customers’ bottles. Advantages of the business:

  • Quick start (from 3 weeks) and return on investment (10-12 months)

  • All the necessary documents

  • Assistance with selection of location

  • Marketing materials for promotion

  • Cost-efficient financial model on the basis of leasing

  • Technical support 24/7 through the partner network of Ecosoft all over the territory of Ukraine

  • Management of the equipment through an online account thanks to GSM/GPRS module

The block of water purification includes 9 consecutive stages including sediment filtration, reduction of chlorine with activated carbon, of color and hardness, removal of 99.8% impurities with the reverse osmosis membrane, pH correction, improvement of taste and odor, mineralization and UV disinfection.

Multifunctional controller with GSM/GPRS module provides management of the reverse osmosis stage and the process of water pouring, as well as blocking of operation in case of emergencies, showing alert and emergency messages, remote transmission of emergency messages in the form of sms.  

The vending machines of TM Zdorova Voda from Ecosoft represent a scalable business of water production and sales that can be managed online.


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