Dewberry pitcher filters production launched

Ecosoft Dewberry is the new product line of the premium class pitcher filters available in two designer forms: elegant Slim and soft Shape, 3.5 l volume both.

The pitcher filters are exceptionally convenient for everyday use, because they are equipped with easy-fill lid, locking spout to protect clean water from dust, anti-sliding legs for extra immobility and convenient ergonomical handle. Along with that, the Slim model fits into a fridge door.

The Ecomix technology cartridge within the pitcher filters effectively removes all the common impurities from the tap water including chlorine, hardness and mineralization of water, odors and bad taste, and reduces levels of lead, iron, copper and manganese.

Thanks to larger size of the cartridge, the speed of water purification is higher, and its service life is considerably prolonged compared to traditional pitcher filters available at the market.