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Compact filters for the whole house

The Ecosoft cabinet filter provides water purification for apartments, houses and cottages.

The truth is that to get pure water from tap, whether you are connected to municipal water supply system or well, simply is no longer possible. Certain impurities are obvious, others can be detected in a chemical lab.

Any of the problems can be solved by a cabinet system from Ecosoft:

  • softening

  • reduction of iron

  • chlorine

  • hydrogen sulfide

  • sediments (stones, sand, dirt, rust, slime, turbidity etc.)

The elegant system is compactly installed at the entrance to the premises. With the system, your home is going to start a new life:

  • Your family and especially kids are going to enjoy bath and shower

  • Sanitary ware will stay perfectly white

  • Stable operation of washing and dishwashing machines, heater and boiling plant

  • Laundry won’t be ruined by washing, and will get rid of stains and blots

  • Reduction of power (by 30%) and detergents (by 40%) consumption

Along with that, you will have to replace drinking water filter much less often.

The system is autonomous and quiet. It performs uninterrupted and reliable operation for at least 5 years. And Ecosoft specialists will take care of replacement filters.


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