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Ecosoft Luna 3.5 L pitcher filter

  • Tap water becomes tasty and loses chlorine odo  ?
  • Your daily water in a stylish pitcher  ?
  • Ergonomic design  ?
  • BPA-free  ?
  • 12 months warranty  ?
VAT NOT included

Model features

The pitcher filter Ecosoft Luna is a compact and simple solution for water purification in the apartments. It does not require connection and complex maintenance. You simply pour clean water into a glass and refill the filter to clean the next batch. There is a place for a pitcher even in the most compact kitchen.

Luna it is 2,5 liters of purified water in 7 minutes. With the pither filter Luna you can quench the thirst of even a large group of friends. Now you can drink tap water without boiling.

Main advantages

  • the most affordable, simple and effective way to get pure water
  • unique Ecomix® technology for tap water purification;
  • pure water at home and on travel
  • high quality at a modest price


  • the hole for pouring water allows you not to remove the cover once again
  • spout protects water from dust
  • silicone feet make the filter steady


The filter has an elegant design, worked out to the smallest detail for maximum ease of use. The blue color of the lid and funnel will be harmoniously combined with any kitchen interior. For the convenience of filling the filter in the lid provides a hatch, easily opened with only thumb.
The hole for filling clean water is covered from dust by a moving spout, which is deflected with the water pressure. For protection of a surface of a table and reliable fixing of the filter silicone legs are situated at its bottom.

How does the filter work?

The pitcher filter Ecosoft Luna consists of a transparent body, a funnel for pouring water with the special recess and a lid. Therefore, it is easy to install and fix it with a light twisting motion.

A special spout is provided for protection against dust. To pour water, you just need to tilt the jug and the spout will automatically deflect.

How is water purified?

Tap water is poured into the funnel, then passes through a special filter element, where purifued of the main impurities, and collected in the lower tank. 
Luna filter makes tap water pure and tasty.
In Ecosoft Luna filter cartridges we use Ecomix technology and add a bit of magic :)

What's inside the cartridge?

Primary water purification is carried out using a mesh, which holds large mechanical impurities. Then the water passes through filtering material Ecomix, which consists of several components. 

What removes Ecomix?

1. Hardness

Reduces hardness and TDS (total dissolved salt content)

2. Chlorine 

Purifies water from chlorine and carcinogenic organic organochlorine compounds. Improves the taste and smell of water. 

3. Organics

Purifies water from organic compounds and gives a crystal natural purity.

4. Iron

Reduces iron content. Eliminates metallic taste of water.

5. Heavy and non-ferrous metals.

Reduces the concentration of toxic heavy and non-ferrous metals. Warns their accumulation in the human body.

6. Manganese

Reduces concentration. manganese. Water acquires a natural bluish tint.

7. Mechanical impurities

Detains sand, rust, scale and other large impurities. Provides clarity of purified water.

Inside Lunas Cartridge:

  • activated carbon -fights chlorine and its compounds;

  • ion exchange resin - softens water. This component is treated with silver to prevent the appearance of germs inside the cartridge;

  • modified ion exchange resin - removes iron, manganese, reduses water color.

Who are its users?

Pitcher filter Ecosoft Luna combines high quality purifuing and modern design. The cartridge with the Ecomix technology effectively purifies water from the main pollution. Purified water is ideal for drinking without boiling, preparing meals and drinks. Water is enough for a family of 1-3 people. 

BPA FREE. Ecosoft pitcher filters and cartridges for them are made from primary food materials (ABS, polystyrene and polypropylene). In the production of these plastics we don't use bisphenol and their composition is in accordance with the EU Directive "Items used for contact with food."

Filter servicing requires periodic replacement of cartridges.

Pure water without unnecessary worries - this is possible with Ecosoft . 

Cartridge replacement interval equals 2 months

Please note

  • Luna filter is only suitable for cold tap water
  • We recommend changing the cartridge every month so that delicious water is always in your kitchen
  • Before replacing the cartridge be sure to wash all the details of the filter jug under running water
  • All the details of the pitcher filter can be washed in the dishwasher

Filter kit

  • Pitcher filter
  • Replaceable cartridge
  • User manual


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