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Article : PSE2005ECOEXP

Wholesale Scalex scale inhibitor replacement filter for water heaters


Key advantages

  • Does not contain phosphates or polyphosphates, is harmless for humans and environment

  • Complex protection against hardness

  • Additional protection from sediment (100 micron nylon mesh)

  • 30% economy of electric energy due to 100% capacity of the clean surface of heating elements

  • 100% efficiency at high temperatures, operational temperature of heated water is up to 105 °С

Basic information

Scalex scale inhibitor replacement filter is intended for the Scalex inline scale inhibitor for water heaters.

The filter is filled with innovative filter media.

The technology reduces hardness and prevents scale formation on the surface of heating elements in boilers and heaters.   

In contrast to polyphosphate filters, this filter does not contain phosphates or polyphosphates, so it is harmless both for human’s health and environment.

Nylon mesh reduces the content of sediments larger than 100 micron including sand, silt and rust.

Benefits of using the filter

  • Longer service life of boiler or heater

  • Money saved by lower electric power consumption

  • Easy replacement of the filter

The Scalex filter media prevents formation of scale and growth of lime crystals, as well as removes scale deposits, keeping hardness salts dissolved.

As a result, scale is not being formed on the surface of heating elements in boilers or heaters, they remain clean and work longer.

The Scalex filter media reacts to the quality of the water, and accordingly releases the relevant volume of the media necessary for hardness prevention.

The filter does not soften water, but comprehensively reduces hardness protecting heating elements of boilers and heaters from scale engaging 3 mechanisms:

  • it stops growth of scale crystals – special component of the media does not let crystals form into crystal lattice and deposit on surface of heating elements

  • destroys crystals by breaking them into smaller parts

  • impedes crystals from connecting by covering them and thus preventing from sticking to each other

Replacement manual

  • Turn off water supply through the filter and make sure there is no pressure in the housing

  • Screw the filter lid off the filter housing  

  • Take the replacement filter out of the filter housing

  • Wash the filter housing with tap water

  • Put the new replacement filter inside the filter housing

  • Assemble the filter

  • Turn on water supply

  • The filter is ready for further operation

The Scalex scale inhibitor replacement filter is intended for cold tap water only.

Its capacity is 20 000 L.

The filter is recommended to be replaced every 6 months.


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