We have been producing water purifying filters for 28 years and selling them in more than 50 countries

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We have been producing water purifying filters for 28 years and selling them in more than 50 countries

Filter-Ag Plus® filter media 28.3 L

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  • Efficiently purifies water from scale, rust, silt, etc.  ?
  • Provides up to times higher filtration rate then Filter-Ag media 
  • Low regeneration water consumption  ?
  • Long service life  ?
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Filter-Ag Filter - Ag is a filter media based on non-aqueous silica dioxide. It is designed to reduce contents of suspended particles in water.

Key advantages

- Improved dirt holding capacity

- Saves your money, due to high capacity and low regeneration costs

- Eco-friendly, because it's made of chemically inert material


Used in water purification pressure and gravity filters. Thanks to its density, Filter-Ag can also be applied in multimedia filters, incl. sediment filters Ecosoft FP.


Filter-Ag can remove particles having a size of 20-40 microns (sand, silt, etc.). The structure of the granules is angular, which contributes to a more active retention of particles, including iron in low concentrations.

Main features

  • low pressure loss at the Filter-Ag bed compared to other filter media

  • lightweight reduces water consumption during backwash

  • high efficiency results in lower expenses related to the equipment

  • high sediments reduction capacity leads to longer service life of the media

  • replacement of sand with Filter-Ag increases filter capacity by 100% or more

Filter-Ag Plus is a natural mineral clinoptilolite that possesses impressive advantages compared to those intrinsic to traditional sand and mixed filter media used for suspended solids reduction.

Through a scanning electron microscope its granules look like polyhedrons with textured surface and microscopic pores with size larger than 3 microns. These features make their surface over 100 times bigger than that of quartz sand.

Angularity of the granules and tapering pores contribute to retention of dirt, silt and organic matter suspended in the water by means of flocculation, steric effect and adhesion. The textured surface and porosity provide larger surface to effectively retain the suspended impurities.

In the filtering process water enters the filter vessel, passes through a layer of media, which detains mechanical impurities (sand, rust, silt, etc.). 

When contaminants "clog" the free space of the material, the pressure drop in the filter increases and the productivity drops. In this case, the Filter-Ag is flushed and back flushed with a reverse flow of water. After it, the filter is ready to purify the water again.

Technical data




up to light brown to almost white

Bulk density, kg/dm3


Real density, kg/dm3


Effective bead size, mm


Uniformity coefficient


Particles size, mm


The operating parameters



Treated water temperature (max.), °C


Bed depth, mm


Freeboard (min.)

50% of bed depth

Service flow rate, m/h


Backwash rate, m/h


Backwash bed expansion (min.)

30...40% of bed depth