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External blending valve for Clack WS1

  • Easy to install  ?
  • Simply maintenance  ?
  • Long service life  ?
  • Consistently high water quality  ?
VAT NOT included

Models features

The valve is intended to blend feed water into the purified water in order to reach necessary characteristics. It is used in all the backfill filters with CE1″ and CE125″control valves.

Key advantages

  • easy and convenient to install at the control valve;

  • simple design, long and reliable operation;

  • provides directly-proportional blending of the feed water, so stable quality of purified water is sustained;



The special design of the valve allows you to divide the flow of raw water. A control valve allows the flow to be divided in a such way that a part of the water enters the filter, and the other part falls into the purified water line immediately after the filter. Thus, it is possible to achieve an increase in the hardness level of the purified water to the required value.

Thanks to its special design, with a flow control valve this valve provides separation of the feed water flow. After the separation, part of the water is supplied to the filter, and the rest – to the line of the purified water directly after the filter. Thereby, it is possible to increase hardness of the purified water to the necessary level.

Disassembling, thorough cleaning of the unit and replacement of O-ring seals. The service should be performed by qualified staff.

Technical parameters

  • Connection size 1″

  • Material – noryl, polypropylene

  • Operating pressure 1.4 to 8.6 bar

  • Operating temperature +4 to +43 °C

  • Installed only on cold water mains  


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