We have been producing water purifying filters for 29 years and selling them in more than 60 countries

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We have been producing water purifying filters for 29 years and selling them in more than 60 countries

Ecosoft Absolute compact water softener (Dowex® HCRS/S)

Article : FU0835CABDV
  • Small size  ?
  • Safe and pleasant water in every tap  ?
  • Plumbing and tile without white plaque  ?
  • Soft skin and healthy hair  ?
  • 7 years service by the filtering media  ?
  • Simple maintenance  ?
VAT NOT included

The filter Ecosoft 113 Standard is designed to reduce the hardness of household water. The filter system consists of two main components — a module (a cylinder with a control valve) and a brine tank.

What is hard water?

Sediments on the heating elements of household appliances, white plaque on tiles and plumbing, stains on glass surfaces — all this comes from use of hard water.

In addition to the negative impact on the condition of household appliances, a high content of hardness ions has an impact on human health. This problem is inherent both for water from natural sources, and for water from the city water supply. The reasons for this can be hard source water, the imperfection of centralized water treatment technologies, as well as the use of outdated technologies.

Effective solution for the problem of hard water

To reduce the hardness of household water, softening filters are used, such as Ecosoft water softener 108 Premium. Ion-exchange resin HCR-S/S (cation exchange resin manufactured by Dow, Dowex™) is used as filter media. During the filtration process, an ion-exchange reaction takes place — the ions of hardness salts are replaced by safe sodium ions, leading to normal level of water hardness.

Filter softener reduces energy consumption, increases the efficiency of household appliances and reduces the frequency of breakdowns, significantly reducing the cost of repairs.

Filter features

  • Economical consumption of salt tablets.
  • Silky skin and healthy hair.
  • The filter is fully automatic, silent.
  • Attractive and compact design
  • Reliable and efficient operation for at least 5 years*.


*Subject to proper operation and timely replacement of filter media.

Filter device

  • Cabinet with filter media.
  • Control valve (installed at the top of the column).

Who are the users?

The filter Ecosoft 113 Standard is designed for houses and apartments with 1 bathroom. It is intended for softening of water for household purposes.

Thanks to the ultra-compact design, the filter is ideal for small houses and city apartments. The system is designed for daily water preparation for 1-3 people. After softening, water can undergo an after-treatment to a drinking quality by a reverse osmosis system.

The improvements are clear!

fashion (1).png
Linen and clothes keep their colour and quality after washing, and therefore last longer

bleach (2).png
Up to 50% savings in detergents and washing powder and up to 30% energy savings!

iron (2).png
Your home appliances — iron, steamer, humidifier — will no longer suffer from the formation of scale or sediment

basin (2).png
Bathing will not cause discomfort and dry skin.


layer which reduces water hardness. Purified water is supplied to the consumer through the riser pipe of the filter vessel.

After the resin is exhausted, and can no longer absorb hardness ions, the control valve switches the filter to regeneration mode. For the user’s convenience, the valve settings are programmed so that the filter is regenerated at a time when water is not consumed.


Regeneration of the filter media is divided into 4 clearly predetermined stages that are carried out by the valve independently.

  • Back flush with a reverse flow of water, which allows you to fluff the filter media and remove the mechanical impurities from it.
  • Then a brine solution is fed from the tank into the filter vessel; it passes through the resin, as a result of which the hardness salts are flushed out of it, and, together with the solution residues, are discharged into drainage.
  • At the end of the regeneration, the resin is rinsed with a direct stream of water (stage 3) to flush out the salt solution.
  • The last stage (4) is filling the brine tank with water to dissolve the salt tablets and prepare the solution for the next regeneration.

After that, the system can be used for water purification again.

Thanks to the use of a multifunctional valve, the filter does not require constant attention. The only important task connected to maintenance for customer is timely stocking of the salt. It will ensure efficient regeneration of the filter media and thus durable filter service life and water quality.

If any problem arises, the valve will display a text message about the problem.

Technical data



Capacity (nominal), m3/hour


Volume of cation resin, L


Volume capacity, m3 (for hardness at 5 meq/L)


Salt consumption per one regeneration, kg


Water consumption per one regeneration (volume of discharge), m3


Regeneration duration, min


Pressure drop in service mode, bar


Operating pressure, bar


Power supply

230 V, 50 Hz

Power consumption, W


Diameter of pipeline connections


Net weight, kg


System dimensions (width x depth x height), cm


Requirements for feed water



Hardness, meq/l


Iron, mg/l  


Manganese, mg/l


Chemical oxygen demand, mg O2/L


Required level of purification from sediment particles, micron


Initial water temperature, °С

+4 … +30

Components of the filter

  • ‘Cabinet’ type filter vessel in modern design.

  • Clack DV (USA) control valve.

  • Dowex ion-exchange resin (Dow Chemical, USA).