We have been producing water purifying filters for 29 years and selling them in more than 60 countries

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We have been producing water purifying filters for 29 years and selling them in more than 60 countries

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Ecosoft water production unit

The Ecosoft water production unit is a universal solution for the business of water purification and bottling. It is a ready-to-use set of equipment that can be installed and connected in any premises with water and power supply. Most frequently the unit is used to organize water production, bottling and delivery. In addition, it can be used as a kiosk with a shop assistant. The components of the set can be selected individually to provide equally efficient purification for both tap and borehole water.

The key stages of water purification are reduction of sediments, of chlorine with activated carbon, of water color, removal of up to 99.8% of all impurities with the reverse osmosis membrane, adjustment of water pH, improvement of taste and odor, remineralization and UV disinfection. As a result, the unit provides truly pure, tasty and absolutely safe water.  


  • Quick start - start earning in 4 weeks

  • High profitability - the production cost of 1 L of water is 3 times lower than alternatives

  • High business potential - low competitive industry with stable and gradually growing demand

  • Maintenance - our network of service centers provides technical support in all the regions of the country

  • Ready business for sales and delivery of water

  • Purification of both tap and borehole water

  • All the permits included

  • Components of the world’s leading manufacturers (USA, UK) provide long service life

  • Quality guarantee confirmed by international CE and ISO certificates.

Operational characteristics and technical data

Nominal capacity for purified water, L/hour

(T = 20 °C)


Maximum capacity for purified water, L/day

(T = 20 °C)


Power consumption, kW

not more than 2.4

Power supply

220 V, 50 Hz

Performance class

IP 54

Connection diameter:

feed water




Feed water pressure, bar


Feed water temperature, °C


Pressure in membrane module, bar

not more than 12

Water purification unit parameters for operation mode:

  • water consumption, L/h

  • permeate consumption, L/h

  • discharge to the sewage system, L/h

  • recycle, L/h

  • pressure in the module, bar






Water purification unit parameters in forward flush mode:

  • water consumption, L/h

  • duration of forward flush, min



Dimensions (height x depth x width), mm, not more than


Requirements to the feed water

Hardness, meq/L

≤ 20

Iron, mg/L

≤ 0.1

Manganese, mg/L

≤ 0.05

Chemical oxygen demand, mg O2/L

≤ 4

TDS, mg/L

≤ 2000

Silicates, mg/L

≤ 20

Residual chlorine, mg/L

≤ 0.1

Temperature of feed water, °С


Basic components

  • Sediment filter

  • Chlorine reduction filter

  • Constant antiscalant dosing station

  • Reverse osmosis system

  • Proportional dosing station of remineralization solution

  • Storage tank for purified water

  • UV disinfection system

  • Pump station for distribution of purified water

  • GAC filter

  • Chemicals dosing station for container cleaning

The Ecosoft water production unit is a ready-to-use solution of several functional parts operating according to the following scheme. The system is connected to the cold water supply. The main purification method used in these systems is the reverse osmosis technology. The stages of water purification can be divided into water pre-treatment before the reverse osmosis membrane, actually the membrane filtration and the complex of water post-treatment stages. So, the feed water at first flows through the sediment filter where it is purified from sand, rust and other impurities the tap water contains, and which pose a threat for the normal operation of pump equipment. Then, residual chlorine is removed at the carbon filter, and the water is supplied to the reverse osmosis membrane with the high-pressure pump. The pre-filters play protective role: the sediment filter protects the pump from the sediments, while the carbon filter prevents irreversible destruction of the membrane from its exposure to chlorine.

After the membrane the water is saturated with a mineral solution for remineralization of drinking water, and then supplied to the tank for the pure water collection and storage. To guarantee complete safety of the purified water for consumers, it constantly circulates in the tank through the UV lamp. Whenever needed by consumers, the water flows out of the tank to enter the carbon block post-filter intended to improve its odor and taste.  

The water production unit is designed for purification of cold water only. Maintenance and monitoring of its operation should be carried out by qualified personnel of the service centers. The maintenance procedure includes the regular replacement of replacement elements, replenishment of antiscalant and salts for remineralization.


Recommended filter, reagent

Replacement interval

Sediment filter


pressure drop of 0.5 bar

every 3 months

after 30 m3 of purified water

GAC, 25 kg


every 18 months

RO membrane


replacement - once a year

chemical cleaning - every 6 months, or according to the system operation passport

Storage tank

disinfection every 3 months, if necessary - replacement

Taste and odor correction filter


every 3 months

after 30 m3 of purified water



when necessary

Water remineralization

when necessary

UV lap


once a year