We have been producing water purifying filters for 29 years and selling them in more than 60 countries

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We have been producing water purifying filters for 29 years and selling them in more than 60 countries

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Article : UF40

Ecosoft UF-40 industrial ultrafiltration system

The Ecosoft UF industrial ultrafiltration systems with capacity of 40 m3/hour are intended to purify water from suspended and colloidal particles, as well as organic and microbiological impurities. Most common application of these systems:

  • clarification of surface waters for water supply to enterprises and residential areas

  • pre-treatment of surface waters for industrial reverse osmosis systems

The Ecosoft UF systems are automated, and do not require constant attention of staff for the stages of filtration and washing.

Key advantages:

  • stable and reliable reduction of suspended and colloidal particles regardless of temperature and without any reagents

  • require space 2-4 times less than for traditional solutions

  • full automation and dispatching control of the equipment

  • effective solution for pre-treatment of surface waters for reverse osmosis systems

  • easy-to-use and maintain

Operational characteristics and technical data

Nominal capacity



Recommended operating pressure



Maximum pressure



Required level of preliminary purification from sediments



Maximum water temperature


not more than 40

Recommended pressure of BW



Recommended water supply of BW



Recommended pressure of compressed air



Maximum pressure of BW and compressed air



Recommended supply of compressed air



Connection port size:

  • water inlet

DN 80

  • permeate

DN 80

  • concentrate/drain

DN 100

  • inlet and outlet of cleaning water

DN 100

  • air inlet

DN 50

  • CIP inlet

DN 40

  • CIP outlet

DN 40

Operating temperature



Relative humidity, not more than



Electrical capacity



Block dimensions (L x W x H)


6000 x 1500 x 3200

Ultrafiltration is the method of fine water filtration. Application of the DOW™ UF ultrafiltration modules with hollow fibers made of the unique H-PVDF material provides almost complete removal of colloidal particles, majority of bacteria and viruses from the water, as well as reduction of color and oxidation of natural surface waters.

The tiniest pores of the ultrafiltration membrane sized 0.03 micron guarantee reduction of all the larger impurities, i.e. microbiological contaminants, suspended solids and large molecules of natural organic matter. Along with that, high porosity and innovation technology of the membranes production provide higher efficiency with low working pressures and save energy.

The ultrafiltration membrane elements are highly endurable and chemically resistant. Hence, it is possible to clean the elements with decontamination, alkaline and acid reagents, and to employ them long-term within harsh conditions.    

Operation of the plant is periodical, the main operation mode is presented by filtration when purified water is supplied to the permeate tank. Approximately every 40-60 minutes the plant shifts to the flush mode (BW mode).

The cleaning is performed by the pump of the BW station which supplies the purified water from the permeate tank to the proper port of the module. The washing lasts about 2 minutes, and consists of several stages. One of the stages is blowing with compressed air. At regular intervals dosing of reagents for current chemical cleaning (CIP-cleaning) has to be supplied into the washing water. Automatic management of shifting the operation modes of the plant is provided by the controller and the set of automatic valves.

Approximately once a month the plant switches off the filtration process, and the chemical cleaning (CIP-cleaning) of the module with the CIP-station is performed manually.