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Ecosoft Standard reverse osmosis filter

Article : MO550ECOSTD
  • Pure tasty water  ?
  • Safe even for children  ?
  • 8 liters clear water per hour  ?
  • Simple instalation in 1 hour  ?
  • 12 months warranty  ?
VAT NOT included

Model features

Reverse osmosis is the most effective technology of drinking water purification. It reduces 99.8% of impurities, as well as odors, flavors, and viruses making water pure, tasty, and safe for human health, both adults and children. The reverse osmosis filter is one of the low-cost methods of domestic water purification.

The advantages of reverce osmosis

Reverse osmosis is the most reliable water treatment technology available for everyone.
The main element of the filter is a reverse osmosis membrane. The Ecosoft Standard filter has a membrane element with a capacity of 8 l/h. Purified water does not require boiling and is completely safe for small children.With a reverse osmosis filter, you can enjoy clean and tasty water every day at an affordable price.

Who are its users?

The reverse osmosis filter Ecosoft Standard is best suited for a family of 3 people. The filter makes water safe, and also protects your household appliances from the scale formation.

Filtration stages

In the process of purifying water passes through 5 stages.

First stage

Removes large (more than 5 microns) particles of mechanical impurities (silt, sand, rust, scale).
Replacement filter media - polypropylene fiber.

Second stage

Neutralizes chlorine, organic and organochlorine compounds (pesticides, dioxides, etc.). As a result, the taste, color and odor of water is improved.
Replacemet filter media - granulated activated carbon produced by Calgon Carbon (USA).

Third stage

Fine cleaning of mechanical impurities more than 1 micron. 

Replacement filter media - polypropylene fiber.

Fourth step

Reverse osmosis. The pre-cleaned water under pressure is passed through a membrane. Purified water is fed to the next stage of filtration, and pollution that has not passed through the membrane with some amount of water is discharged into the sewage system.

Fifth step

Postcarbon cartridge (water conditioner). Absorbs the gases dissolved in water and gives the water a pleasant, natural taste.
Replacement filter media - activated carbon from coconut shell.

Changes are obvious!

Your home will have a source of clean and fresh water, in quality and safety which you are absolutely sure

Vegetables cooked in water of absolute quality will retain all the necessary nutrients for your body

Tea and coffee will have better taste and aroma

Water will not require boiling before use - thanks to reverse osmosis technology, it will not only be tasty, but also absolutely safe

Your home appliances - kettle, iron, steamer, humidifier - will be protected from scale and resulting breakdowns

Savings from first day!

BPA FREE. Ecosoft reverse osmosis filters are made from the primary food material (polypropylene). In the production of these plastics, bisphenol is not used, and their composition is in accordance with the EU Directive "Items used for contact with food."

Filter maintenance requires periodic replacement of filter elements.

We strive to simplify your life, so we will remind you in time about the need to replace the cartridges, and also change them ourselves. Pure water without unnecessary worries - this is possible with Ecosoft.

Cartridge replacement interval:

If you do not plan to use the filter for a long time, it is recommended to shut off the water supply to it.




 12 l/h

 Operating pressure for filter without pump, bar


 Operating pressure for filter with pump, bar


 Inlet water temperature, °С


 Filter weight, kg (as standard)


 External water connection, inches

 thread, ½

 Dimensions, H x W x D, mm


 Tank dimensions, H x W x D, mm



1. Filtration module

2. Pressure tank (7 liters)

3. Neat faucet for purified water

4. Set of replacement filters 1-2-3

5. Set of replacement filters 4-5

6. Tube and fitting pack

7. Housing wrenches for membrane and filter replacement

8. Instruction manual

What kind of water can be purified using this filter*




 Total dissolved solids, mg/l


 Hardness, mEq/l


 Chlorine, mg/l


 Total iron, mg/l


 Manganese, mg/l


 Chemical oxygen demand, mg O2/l


Total microbial count (TBC), CFU/100 ml


Coliform index 


* If water quality does not meet above requirements, pre-filter and membrane service life may be decreased 


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