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Ecosoft set of replacement filters 1-2-3-4 for reverse osmosis filter RObust PRO

  • Pure transparent water without chlorine odor  ?
  • Perfect for coffee  ?
  • Special taste  ?
VAT NOT included

The package of Ecosoft 1-2-3-4 replacement filters for the filter RObust PRO includes:

  • PP replacement filter for water purification from sand, silt, rust

  • granular activated carbon replacement filter for removing chlorine and organic matter from water

  • carbon-block to improve the smell and taste of water

  • Special filter RObust PRO - allows you to get water with minerals of magnesium and calcium, which enhance the extraction of flavor and aromatic components of coffee. As a result, water quality complies with the recommendations of the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association)

The timely replacement of the RObust PRO filter cartridge kit ensures:

  • reverse osmosis membrane protection

  • constant quality of tasty and perfect water for coffee with calcium and magnesium minerals

Fits in Ecosoft RObust PRO filter

Replacement filters are attended for cold water purification only.

To provide water of a high quality we recommend to change replacement filters every 2-3 months (or after 5000 liters of water treatment).

In case of delay in replacing water can get worse taste and membrane can be damaged. 


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