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Ecosoft set of improved replacement filters 1-2-3 for reverse osmosis filters

Article : CHV3ECOEXP
  • Transparent water without sand, rust, chlorine odor and harmful organic substances  ?
  • Protection of reverse osmosis membrane  ?
  • Maximum efficiency for water with high chlorine content  ?

These three Ecosoft replacement filters are indispensable for pretreatment of feed water before it is supplied to the reverse osmosis membrane.

The Ecosoft 1-2-3 set of replacement filters provides:

  • pure water withought sand, rust and chlorine odor;

  • longer service life of the membrane thanks to better quality of the feed water supplied to the membrane;

  • affordable price from the Ukrainian manufacturer.

Your life will change with the advent of the Ecosoft filter, because:

  • you will get a source of absolutely pure and safe drinking water;

  • dishes cooked with the water will taste better;

  • coffee and tea will open up their flavors and aroma;

  • home appliances (kettle, iron, steam cooker, air humidifier etc.) will be protected from scale;

  • the pure water doesn't need boiling.

Please note! The replacement filters are applicable for reverse osmosis filters of other manufacturers.     

The replacement filters are intended to reduce content of sand, sludge and chlorine, to extend service life of membrane element. 

The feed water gradually flows through 3 replacement filters, each of them reduces certain impurities in the water.  

The 1st stage 

Porous polypropylene filter reduces contents of sand, sludge, scale and other insoluble compounds exceeding the size of 5 micron.

The 2nd stage

Filter consisting of the activated coconut shell carbon cartridge. The filter reduces content of chlorine, concentration of toxic heavy metals, natural organic matter and oil products.

The 3rd stage

Final fine filtration in activaded coconut carbon bloсk. The cartridge reduces contents of chlorine, chlororganic compounds other insoluble components exceeding the size of 1 micron.

The advanced Ecosoft 1-2-3 set of replacement filters for reverse osmosis filter is intended for treatment of cold tap water only.

How often to exchange cartridges?

To get pure drinking water of spring quality, it is recommended to change cartridges every 3 months, regardless of the volume of filtered water.

The Ecosoft 1-2-3 set of replacement filters for reverse osmosis filter is intended for treatment of cold tap water only.

It is recommended to replace filters at least once in 3 months regardless of the volume of purified water.