We have been producing water purifying filters for 30 years and selling them in more than 60 countries

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We have been producing water purifying filters for 30 years and selling them in more than 60 countries

Ecosoft RObust PRO reverse osmosis filter

  • Pure water for cafe, restaurant and brewery  ?
  • Protection of equipment, improved taste of drinks and dishes, transparent ice, brilliant dishes  ?
  • No need for pressure tank  ?
  • Compact and attractive design  ?

RObust filter advantages

Ecosoft RObust reverse osmosis filters provide a sufficient amount of pure and safe water for HoReCa needs: for food and drinks preparation, as well as delicious drinking water for guests and staff.

We have combined high-quality water treatment technology, modern design and compact dimensions.


Ecosoft RObust is the perfect solution for HoReCa


— because the purified water does not contain chlorine, pesticides, heavy metals, organic compounds, viruses and bacteria

— due to high capacity there is enough water for everyone


— long service life due to lack of scale

— Up to 50% of usual consumption of dishwasher detergents

Ecosoft RObust PRO provides perfect water in your coffee shop!

Ecosoft RObust PRO is a unique offer for true professionals and connoisseurs of coffee. The filter is designed to meet the world's coffee standards and provides you with a water supply that reveals the unique taste of coffee, perfectly.


Water fully complies with SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) standards


Proper water

1 Reveals the taste

With the Ecosoft RObust PRO filter, you can experience the particular flavour of your coffee bean, thanks to optimal water salinity:

Calcium will fill the body of the drink

Magnesium helps extract fruit acids

Bicarbonates provide a balance of taste and aroma


2 Creates your own design of coffee

We customize the water under your coffee, so you can create your own unique coffee.


3 Saves your money

RObust filter is an economical way to get high-quality purified drinking water.


Filtering stages:


— pre-filtering to remove sediments, active chlorine, organochlorine compounds and natural organic matter

—purifying membrane (Ecosoft RO element) takes out 99.8% of dissolved impurities, as well as viruses and bacteria

— unique RObust PRO replacement filter brings out the full taste and aroma components of coffee due to optimal amounts of calcium and magnesium in water

— special Chemviron Carbon filter to improve taste and odour of water

Reverse osmosis process:

Reverse osmosis is the most reliable water treatment technology. Due to the special semi-permeable membrane, sufficient drinking water can be purified of all kinds of harmful impurities, including viruses and bacteria. RO membrane pores are 200 times smaller than viruses, and 4000 times smaller than bacteria.

Обратный осмос.jpg

High pressure pump supplies water on 2 consistently installed membrane elements. Permeate (membrane purified water) after treatment flows to activated carbon filter, and concentrate (waste water) flows to second stage of membrane filtration, that allows sufficient minimization of waste water (concentrate).

RObust PRO filter has a dry shutdown function. In case of interruption of the water supply or pressure reduction under the 0.4 bar level the low pressure switch is activated and turns off the valve and turns off the pump. Even in the event of the purified water tap opening, the filter will not start until the water supply pressure is restored to an efficient level.

The RObust PRO reverse osmosis filter is intended for purification of cold tap water only.

Replacement filter and changing the membrane

RObustPRO_7.pngThere are 2 manometers on the front panel of the RObust PRO. The first shows membrane inlet pressure after pre-treament filters and the second shows pressure on membrane block after pump. The panel shows the recommended pressure values for pressure gauges and recommendations for eliminating possible problems if these values do not correspond to the required ones.

Replacement of pre-treatment filters

IIf the pressure after the pre-treatment filters is less than 1 bar, this may indicate that the replacement filter needs to be changed. Delay in replacing can damage or destroy the membrane. Replacement pre-treatment filters should be replaced after purifying 2100 gallons of water, but at least once every 3 months. The resource depends on the flow and quality of the feed water.

RO membrane

If the filtration rate drops significantly, it is necessary to replace the RO membranes. We recommend replacing the RO membranes after purifying of 6400 gallons of water, but at least once a year in order to obtain purified water of constantly high quality.

Carbon post filter

If the taste of purified water is significantly degraded, an unpleasant odour appears, it is recommended to replace the carbon post-filter. The post-filter should be changed after purifying of 2100 gallons of water, but at least once every 3 months.

Pump maintenance

Pump operation requires periodic maintenance (the same as other appliances). The main operation for pump maintenance is replacing the pump diaphragm.

We recommend replacing the diaphragm every 2000 hours of its operation.

Frequency of replacement:

  • Operating time 12 hours per day (840-900 litres per day) replacement once in 5-6 months
  • Operating time 8 hours per day (560-600 litres per day) replacement once in 8-9 months
  • Operating time 4 hours per day (280-300 litres per day) replacement once in 16-17 month

Technical data



Inlet pressure, bar


Flow capacity, L/hour


Discharge into the sewage system, L/hour


Feed water temperature, °C


Permissible room temperature, °C




System dimensions (H x W x D), mm

420 х 410 х 305

Filter weight (base model), kg


Power supply

230 V, 50 Hz

Requirements for the feed water





TDS, mg/L


Hardness, meq/L


Alkalinity, meq/L


Active chlorine, mg/L

< 0.5

Total iron, mg/L

< 0.3

Total manganese, mg/L

< 0.1

COD, mg O2/L

< 5

Total microbial count (TMC), CFU/ ml

< 100

E. coli, CFU/100 ml


Components of the filter

  • RObust PRO reverse osmosis filter

  • Drinking water faucet

  • Connection fitting pack

  • Service wrench

  • User manual