We have been producing water purifying filters for 29 years and selling them in more than 60 countries

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We have been producing water purifying filters for 29 years and selling them in more than 60 countries

Ecosoft replacement filter with Ecomix® media 2.5"x10"

Article : CRV2510ECO
  • Transparent soft water withought ferrous smell  ?
  • Replacement 1 time in 3-6 months  ?
  • Housing material european food-grade plastic 
VAT NOT included

The Ecosoft replacement filter with Ecomix® media 2,5"х10" contains the unique mix  of cation exchange resins and activated carbon. 

The filter contains the legendary Ecomix® media specifically created to purify tap water from common contaminants.

  • Sediments — sand, rust, scale, other insoluble impurities of various size

  • Hardness — to prevent scale formation

  • Chlorine and chlorination by-products — water acquires taste and odor of natural spring

  • Iron — to eliminate metallic taste in water  

  • Toxic heavy metals — as a result, they don’t accumulate in human organism

  • Manganese — water acquires natural ‘sea blue’ color

  • Natural organic matter — to make water transparent

Housing is made of pure European primary food-grade plastic.

Can replace filters of the standard size of 2.5"×10" produced by other manufacturers.


Replacement filter fits in standart in-line housing.  Users of borehole or tap water with iron content up to 1 mg/l.

Key advantages

  • Transparent soft water withought odor

  • Full capacity up to 1 500 liters

  • Stable operation and efficiency throughout the service life

  • Filter housing made of pure European food grade plastic

  • Suitable for filters produced by other manufacturers

Benefits of using the filters

  • products will taste better

  • natural aroma and taste of tea and coffee

  • home appliances (kettle, iron, steam cooker etc.) will be protected from scale

  • purified water can be used to water flowers

During the filter operation water flows through the media which reduces content of iron and its by-products in water, as well as decreases concentration of oil products and pesticides, improves color, taste, and odor of water.

The replacement filter is intended for cold water only.

The filter capacity depends on the quality of feed water.

Do not exceed the recommended filtration rate, this can lead to deterioration of water purification quality.  

After the filter replacement, discharge at least 10 liters of filtered water into the sewer.

The filter is recommended to be replaced every 3 months, regardless of the volume of consumed water.

Technical characteristics of Ecosoft replacement filter with ecomix media 2,5"х10"


Full height, mm


Fixation height, mm


Maximum outer diameter, mm


Maximum capacity, L

1 500

Operational temperature of water, °C


Recommended filtration flow rate, L/min


Service life, not more than, months