We have been producing water purifying filters for 28 years and selling them in more than 50 countries

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We have been producing water purifying filters for 28 years and selling them in more than 50 countries

Hydrogen sulfide reduction filter Ecosoft FPC 1252CT

Article : FPC1252CT
  • Eliminate the nasty rotten eggs odor  ?
  • 1-2 years without replacing the filter media  ?
  • Simple maintance  ?
  • Low operation costs  ?
VAT NOT included

The Ecosoft FPC 1252 CT filter is intended to reduce contents of hydrogen sulfide (reason of the rotten eggs smell) in water. 

Model features

The filter represents a durable vessel filled with high-quality CENTAUR® catalytic carbon (Calgon Carbon Corporation, USA), and is completed with a multifunction control valve.

CENTAUR® has catalytic properties and is capable of oxidizing hydrogen sulphide to harmless and odorless compounds.

Purified water will become transparent, extraneous taste and unpleasant smell will disappear.

Key advantages

  • Pure water purified from the odor of rotten eggs.

  • Fully automatic and noise-free.

  • Durable and efficient operation during no less than 5 years*.

  • Low volume of discharge.

  • Quality guaranteed by the international CE and ISO certificates.


* Subject to proper operation and timely replacement of filter media.

Filter construction and operation

The main part is filter vessel filled with high-quality CENTAUR® activated carbon. In  vessel upper part there is a control valve with elements of the drainage-distribution system. The unit is connected to the cold water pipeline, sewage system and the electrical network to power the control valve.


When the resource of the filter media is exhausted, the filter automatically switches to the regeneration mode. The reverse flow of water passed through the layer of media at high speed, washing out all impurities from the surface of the carbon, and is discharged into the sewage system. After that, the filter is again ready to purify water. Regeneration occurs by raw untreated water.

Control Automation

The unique control valve is developed by Clack Corporation (USA). It provides filter’s independent service, keeps constant reserve of purified water and doesn’t require any special attention.

Who is the user?

The Ecosoft FPC 1242 CT filter will provide clean water for a house or apartment with up to 3 people. The filter capacity is up to 0.85 m³ per hour. Installation is suitable for purifuing artesian and tap water.

Water can be safely used for washing and dishwashers, hand washing, home cleaning and water treatment procedures after purifuing.

Improvements are notable!

Water without "rotten eggs" smell in each tap

tap (1).png
Pure water without extra taste and odor

Your hair will become soft and silky

shower (1).png
Bathing will not cause discomfort and dry skin

Today, there are not so many effective solutions for removing hydrogen sulfide from water. The simplest and most effective method is the use of patented media CENTAUR. This media is an activated carbon treated with a special technology, as a result its surface acquires catalytic properties and become capable to oxidize hydrogen sulfide into safe and odorless compounds.

Operating mode

The filter is connected to the cold water supply. Pre-cleaned water enters the filter vessel filled with CENTAUR media, which effectively removes the odor of hydrogen sulfide. The purified water through the central pipe moves to the consumer.


Regeneration is carried out periodically to restore the properties of the media. The control valve switch the filter in regeneration mode at the specified time. For the consumerces convenience valve settings are programmed so that the filter is regenerated at a time when water consumption is not occurring. Water is passed through the filter with high speed reverse flow, which cleans the surface of the media material, washing out all impurities, and is discharged into the sewer system. After that, the system can again be used for water purification. For the regeneration of these filters raw water is used.

Thanks to the use of a multifunctional valve, the filter does not require constant attention. 

If any problem arises, the valve will inform about the problem at the display with a text message containing contact information of service center.

Technical data


Nominal flow rate, m3/hour


Flow rate after Ecosoft FK or FU, m3/hour


Volume of CENTAUR® activated carbon, kg


Water consumption for regeneration, m3/hour


Regeneration duration, min


Water volume per one regeneration, m3


Required level of water pre-treatment from sediments

100 micron

Operating pressure, bar


Pressure drop in service mode, bar


Temperature of feed water, ⁰C


Power supply and consumption of control valve

230 V, 50 Hz, up to 30 W

Connection (male thread)


Net weight, kg


Filter dimensions (height x diameter), cm


Components of the filter

  • Filter vessel.

  • Clack WS1 СT multifunctional control valve (USA).

  • Calgon Carbon Corporation CENTAUR® activated carbon (USA).