We have been producing water purifying filters for 28 years and selling them in more than 50 countries

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We have been producing water purifying filters for 28 years and selling them in more than 50 countries

Iron and hardness reduction filter Ecosoft FK 2162CE125 (Ecomix® A)

Article : FK2162CE125MIXA
  • Eliminate 5 major water contaminants  ?
  • 5,6 m³ pure water per hour  ?
  • Low expluatation costs  ?
  • Filter media life 7-10 years  ?
  • Fully automated process  ?
  • Protection against network interruptions  ?
VAT NOT included

Ecosoft FK 2162 CE 125 filter is an independent filter intended for reduction of iron, manganese, hardness, ammonium and natural organic matter in water. The filter is applicable for objects with a capacity below 6 m3/h.

The filter represents a vessel containing Ecomix® advanced softening media, a multifunctional control valve that provides and manages the entire operation and a brine tank for system regeneration.

Filter features

The filter of complex purifuing gives significant savings on the purchase and maintenance of the home water treatment system. One filter Ecosoft FK 2162 CE 125 replaces several specialized units. The system operates continuously in the automatic mode, and its maintenance is limited only by the timely addition salt tablets.

Key advantages

  • Effective water purification from five most common impurities: hardness, iron, manganese, ammonium and organic matter.

  • Durable and efficient operation during no less than 7 years.

  • Cost-effective salt consumption and low volume of discharge.

  • Quality guaranteed by the international CE and ISO certificates.

Benefits of using filtered water

  • Longer service life of equipment (heaters and boilers, washing machines, dishwashers) due to reduction of hardness.

  • Significant savings on electric energy — up to 30%.

  • No yellow or black deposits on the surfaces that contact with water.

  • Longer service life of electrical equipment (heating elements, washing machines and dishwashers) by reducing the concentration of hardness salts.


Device and filter operation

The system consists of two main modules - cylinder with filter media and a salt solvent tank. The cylinder (column) is made of corrosion resistant polymer composite material. Inside the filter is an Ecomix® filling which consists of several components.

Each component of the fillling is designed to neutralize or remove a certain kind of harmful impurities. As a result, integrated water filtration is carried out in one stage. Purified water has good organoleptic characteristics and can be used for any household needs. It is completely safe for skin and hair, and also does not cause scaling on the heating elements of the devices.


The service life of the filter media is 7-10 years. This is possible due to the regenerative ability of the Ecomix®. The recovery of the filterinf properties of the media is carried out by washing it with tableted saltsolution. As well as water purification, the regeneration process is carried out automatically.

After exhaustion of filter media resource operating valve baloon of the filter to the regeneration mode. Regeneration takes place with purified water, which is supplied from the working part of the filter, and takes place in 5 stages, which are clearly programmed and carried out by the valve independently.

Control Automation

The unique control valve is a product developed by Ecosoft and produced by Clack Corporation (USA). It provides filter’s independent service, keeps constant reserve of purified water and doesn’t require any special attention.

Who are the users?

The system of complex cleaning Ecosoft FK 2162 CE 125 fits for facilities with capacity less then 6 m³. The unit can be used to purify and soften artesian and tap water.


Improvements are obvious!

fashion (1).png
Underwear and clothes after washing keeps the color and quality, and therefore last longer

bleach (2).png
Up to 50% savings in detergents and washing powder and up to 30% energy savings!

iron (2).png
Your home appliances - iron, steamer, humidifier will no longer suffer from the formation of scale or sediment

basin (2).png
Bathing will not cause discomfort and dry skin


The filter is connected to the cold water supply system, effectively purifies the water and independently controls all the processes of its work.
Pre-purified from mechanical impurities water enters the filter vessel filled with Ecomix® filter media. The media consists of five components that successively trap iron, manganese, organic impurities and hardness salts. Purified water through the central pipe of the case is supplied to the consumer.

When the resource of the filter media ends, the filter independently goes on regeneration, but only at a time when water consumption is minimal, so it won't deprive you of access to purified water. In addition, the control valve remembers the intensity of your water consumption at different times and is adapted so that clean water is available even at peak consumption, for example, on weekends.

Regeneration takes place in 5 stages:

  • Flushing with back flow of water. At the same time, iron and manganese compounds are washed out of the filter media.

  • A solution of salt is fed from the tank into the filter vessel, passes through the Ecomix® and washes away hardness salts and organic matter from it. Impurities with the remnants of the solution are discharged into the sewage.

  • Short backwash. Once again, loosens the load and washes away the remnants of the salt solution.

  • Flush the Ecomix® with a direct stream of water to lay layers of media in the desired order.

  • Fill the salt tank with water to dissolve the tableted salt and prepare the solution for the next regeneration.

After that, the system can purify water again.

Thanks to the use of a multifunctional valve, the filter does not require constant attention. The only important task connected to maintenance for customer is timely stocking of the salt. It will ensure efficient regeneration of the filter media and thus durable filter service life and water quality.

If any problem arises, the valve will inform about the problem at the display with a text message containing contact information of service center.

Technical data


Capacity (nominal), m3/h


Volume of filter media, L


Volume capacity, m3 (for hardness at 5 meq/L)


Salt consumption per one regeneration, kg


Water consumption per one regeneration (volume of discharge), m3


Regeneration duration, min


Pressure drop in service mode, bar


Operating pressure, bar


Power supply

230 V, 50 Hz

Power consumption, W


Diameter of pipeline connections


Net weight, kg


System dimensions (height x width x depth), cm


Requirements to the feed water


Hardness, meq/L


Iron, mg/L 


Manganese, mg/L


Chemical oxygen demand, mg O2/L


Ammonium, mg/L


Required level of purification of sediment particles, micron


Initial water temperature, °С

+4 … +30

Components of the filter

  • Filter vessel.

  • Clack WS2 СЕ multifunctional control valve (USA).

  • Brine tank with brine system for regeneration.

  • Ecomix® advanced softening media (Ecosoft, Ukraine).