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Ecosoft UV disinfection unit E-720

Article : E720
  • Removes 99.8% of microorganisms  ?
  • Energy efficient  ?
  • Can be mounted to an existing system 
  • Simple operation   ?
VAT NOT included
Ecosoft E-720 ultraviolet water disinfection filter is a metal case with an ultraviolet lamp in a special quartz sleeve inside.  


Water, passing through the case of the ultraviolet disinfectant, where the disinfection process takes place.

The quartz cover is a necessary measure to prevent water from entering the case of the emitter.

Main advantages

  • High dose of UV irradiation (30 mJ/cm2), sufficient to deactivate a wide range of microorganisms.

  • Physical method of disinfection does not require the use of additional reagents and does not form drains.

  • The case is made of AISI 304 brand stainless steel.

  • The chamber is made of high-purity silica, and is highly resistant to the formation of deposits and destruction.

  • Term of effective operation is up to 9,000 hours.

Who are the users?

Designed for disinfection of drinking water and household appliances in the house, hotel, cafe, restaurant, points and devices for bottling water, as part of drinking water treatment plants, as well as in industry for various technological processes


UV disinfection unit maintenance:

— timely replacement lamp change once a year;   

— cleaning components from mechanical impurities and plaque.

Technical parameters



Maximum flow of disinfected water, m3/hour


Type and number of emitters

1 x T540

Maximum inlet pressure, bar


Power supply

230 V, 50 Hz

Power demand of one emitter, W


Diameter of piping

1" thread

Lamp failure control device


Approximate weight, kg


Feed water requirements



Temperature of treated water, °C


Turbidity, mg/L


General hardness, meq/L


Iron, mg/L


Manganese, mg/L


Hydrogen sulfide, mg/L


Set of UV disinfection system:

  • stainless steel housing assembly;

  • quartz sleeve;

  • UV emitter;

  • power supply (electronic ballast).


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