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Ecosoft carbon post-filter for reverse osmosis filter

Article : CHV2010ECO
  • Tasty water  ?
  • Easy installation  ?
  • Quality assurance  ?
VAT NOT included

Main advantages

  • Tasty water due to coconut shell carbon in the post-filter.
  • Easy installation due to pressed fittings.
  • Body housing made of clean European food grade plastic.
  • Each post-filter passes leak test.
  • Suitable for reverse osmosis filters from other manufacturers.

The main thing about the cartridge

  • Ecosoft carbon post filter is designed for final water purification.
  • It is installed as a final stage in home reverse osmosis filters.
  • Contains high-quality activated carbon from coconut shell, corrects the taste and smell of purified water, giving it an exquisite sweetish flavor.

What changes will occur after buying a cartridge?

  • With timely replacement of the carbon post filter, the water after the reverse osmosis filter will not only be safe, but also tasty.

  • No unpleasant smell and taste in purified water.

  • Purified water will get an exquisite sweet taste.

The carbon filter represents a cylinder vessel containing filter media, which is the activated coconut shell carbon. During the reverse osmosis filter operation water flows through the media which improves taste and odor of the water.

The Ecosoft carbon filter has pressed-fit fittings, so its installation takes 2-3 minutes. 

Technical and operational characteristics

Standard size


Height, mm


Maximum outer diameter, mm


Maximum service life, months


Operational temperature of water, °C


Connection type


The Ecosoft carbon post-filter is intended for cold water only.

The filter is recommended to be replaced at least every 6 months, regardless of the volume of consumed water.


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