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Article : FPV24520ECO

Wholesale Ecosoft AquaPoint whole house filter

Chlorine smell/Rotten eggs smell/Sand and rust/Yellow stainings on the tile and taps/Yellow water color
Manual filter replacement

With AquaPoint filter you will easily get pure water for daily household needs.

Pure water at your home is a comfort for your family:

  • Taking a shower or bathroom will be much pleasant. AquaPoint filter makes water transparent, without chlorine and rotten eggs smell

  • House cleaning will be easier. You will forget about the yellow stripes on the plumbing in your bathroom

  • Washing machine and dishwater will operation better and longer

AquaPoint filter features:

  • Start to use quick and easy. You do not need to spoil the repair or break the wall. Just put the filter in a convenient place, you can even hang it on the wall.

  • You can choose the water quality at your home. With AquaPoint filter you will have 6 easy solutions for different water problems. Just pick the right replacement filters and enjoy life with pure water.

  • You can make the water quality at your home even better at any time. The AquaPoint filter easily connects with the advanced water softener.

Please, note! The replacement filters not supplied with the AquaPoint filter.

The Aquapoint filter is intended for purification only cold water from tap or borehole.

Before star using the filter, you need to analyze your water and choose the right replacement filters. We have prepared 6 solutions for the most frequent water problems. 


AquaPoint filter characteristics

Dimensions (L × W × H), mm

550 х 300 х 890 ±5

Weight of:

dry filter, not more than, kg

filter with water, not more than, kg



Standart size (height) of replacement filter


Connection type


Connection type


Water operation temperature, °C


Max flow, L/min


Recommended pressure, bar


We recommend changing the replacement filters every 2‒6 months to have unlimited access to pure water at your home. AquaPoint filter has two pressure gauges that will help you determine when it's time to change the replacement filters.

The AquaPoint filter has a graphic guide of filter replacement for your convenience.

Please, note! We guarantee the water quality only if you use original Ecosoft replacement filters.


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