We have been producing water purifying filters for 29 years and selling them in more than 60 countries

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We have been producing water purifying filters for 29 years and selling them in more than 60 countries

ECOCLEAN 203 acid cleaning reagent 10 kg

Article : ECOCL20310
  • Removes various deposits from the membrane surface  ?
  • Effective membrane washing in a wide temperature range  ?
  • Low cost water treatment  ?
  • Dow ™ membrane element compatibility  ?

Basic information

The ECOCLEAN 203 acid liquid reagent based on acids and complexing agents is intended to remove deposits of calcium carbonate, iron, manganese and aluminium from thin film membrane elements of reverse osmosis and nanofiltration.

It provides effective cleaning of membranes over a wide temperature range.

The reagent is manufactured according to the Ukrainian technical standards 20.5–31749798‐004:2013.

Key advantages

  • contains complexing agents and the buffer system to provide effective removal of various kinds of deposits from the surface of the membranes

  • high efficiency in removal of salt and metal deposits compared to acid solutions

  • highly buffered to resist pH changes during the cleaning process

  • cost-efficient: quality cleaning guarantees long service life of the membrane elements

  • compatibility with the Dow™ Filmtec™ and Dow™ Ultrafiltration™ membrane elements attested by the manufacturer

Main features

Form for application

1-3% solution

2% solution pH


Impurities to be removed

calcium carbonate, deposits of iron, manganese and aluminium


colorless or yellowish solution

Density at 20°C

1.15-1.25 g/cm3


10 kg pail

Contains acid reagents intended to effectively dissolve deposits of calcium carbonate, compounds of iron and manganese.

The buffer system of the reagent provides maintenance of required pH value during cleaning, as well as temperature compensation of pH for the most effective removal of deposits over a wide temperature range.

The complexing agents significantly increase efficacy of iron, manganese and aluminium compounds removal, and prevent recurrent formation of the deposits of the dissolved impurities.

For detailed guidance related to chemical cleaning of the membrane elements, please contact a representative of the Ecosoft company in your area.

  1. Fill the tank of the chemical cleaning installation with required volume of reverse osmosis permeate or deionized water. Add sufficient volume of the reagent to create 2% solution. Mix the blend until the reagent is completely dissolved.

  2. Recirculate the cleaning solution through each reverse osmosis system stage, one at a time, for a minimum of 60 minutes at the flowrate recommended by the membrane elements manufacturer.

  3. The heavily fouled membrane elements have to be soaked in the cleaning solution beforehand.

  4. Monitor the pH of the solution during the cleaning process. If the pH level is remaining at the level of 2.5-3 and the solution isn’t growing turbid, you can use it for the cleaning of the following elements. But if during the cleaning the solution pH is reaching 4.5 and higher, it is recommended to prepare a new solution and repeat the cleaning.

  5. When the cleaning is completed, wash the membrane elements with recirculation of the reverse osmosis permeate until the constant pH level of the wash water is reached. ⁠