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Dowex™ MB-50 ion exchange resin 25 L

Article : DMB50
  • Soft water in each tap, healthy skin without dryness, protection of household appliances from scale, plumbing without white stains  ?
  • Durable solution for hard water problem  ?
  • High quality of purified water  ?
  • Low cost water treatment  ?

Dowex™ MB-50 is a regenerable mix of 2 ion-exchange resins designed by Dow® Chemical Corporation (USA) to produce high-quality water for domestic, lab and industrial application.

The resin features a high capacity and porosity to assure an exemplary kinetic behavior. It exhibits good physical, chemical and thermal stability.

Key advantages

  • ultra-pure water due to mixed effect

  • effective softening and complex water purification

  • high filter capacity due to high filtration rate

  • economical water consumption for regeneration due to low bulk density

  • stable effective operation for more than 5 years

Technical characteristics of the media


Resin ratio


Functional groups

Dowex™ MB-50

1:1.2 by equivalents cation:anion

Styrene-DVB, gel

Sulfonic acid

Quaternary amines



Ionic form



Total exchange capacity, eq/L (min.)



Moisture content, %



Mechanical resistance, % (min.)



Beads density, g/mL



Bulk weight, g/L


Recommended operational conditions

  • Maximum operating temperature: 60 °C

  • pH range: 0...14

  • Bed depth, min.: 800 mm

  • Flow rates:

Service/fast rinse: 5...50 m/h

Backwash: 10...15 m/h

Regeneration/displacement rinse: 2...10 m/h

  • Operating capacity, typical: 0.5 eq/L

  • Total rinse water consumption: 3...6 bed volumes

  • Regenerant: 1...8% H2SO4 or 4...8% HCl and 4...8% NaOH

During the process of water filtration with a mixture of ion exchange resins, unwanted ions are replaced by H+ and OH- ions, which reduce the general mineralization of water.

As the water passes through the filter media, the number of OH- and H+ ions capable of the exchange decreases, and the number of unwanted ions retained on the resin increases, i.e. the ion exchange resin is being exhausted. That is why it should be regenerated by passing the specific solutions intended for the regeneration through the ion exchange resin, and the exchange capacity of the resin is restored. For regeneration 1...8% H2SO4, 4...8% HCl or 4...8% NaOH is used.