We have been producing water purifying filters for 29 years and selling them in more than 60 countries

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We have been producing water purifying filters for 29 years and selling them in more than 60 countries

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Article : BW30XFRLE40034

Dow Filmtec™ BW30XFRLE-400/34 Membrane Element

Dow Filmtec™ BW30XFRLE-440/34 is a high performance reverse osmosis element with high rejection rate.

It is perfect for reverse osmosis systems that process complex or waste water, when effective water purification, high quality of permeate and enhanced prevention of biofouling and contamination are required.  

Key advantages

  • Dow Filmtec™ membrane (USA) is the world standard for water purification

  • Effective salts rejection with 33% lower pressure compared to standard elements for brackish water

  • Effective removal of biofilm, organic matter and deposits during cleaning

  • Wide 0.86 mm flow divider reduces impact of impurities and improves efficacy of cleaning

Membrane type – spiral-wound element with polyamide thin-film composite

Nominal active surface, m2

Operating pressure, bar

Permeate volume, m3/day

Stabilized salt rejection, %





  1. Permeate consumption and salt (NaCl) rejection are indicated for the following test conditions: 2 000 mg/L NaCl, 25°C, pH 8, indicated pressure and 15% permeate recovery.  

  2. Flow rates of permeate for every specific element might vary, but will not fluctuate by more than 15% from the indicated values.

Operating conditions

Maximum operating water temperature, °С


Maximum operating pressure, bar


Maximum pressure drop, bar


pH range, operational mode


pH range, chemical cleaning mode


Maximum feed silt density index (SDI)

SDI < 5

Free chlorine tolerance, mg/L

< 0.1

Before launch of the reverse osmosis system preliminary preparation of the membrane, refill of the elements, adjustment of the devices and other system checks should be performed.

Avoid any major pressure or flow surges inside the spiral-wound elements in the middle of launch, stop, cleaning etc. to avoid risk of damage infliction to the membrane. During the launch it is recommended to gradually switch the system from standstill to operational mode following the steps:

  • gradually increase feed water pressure during 30-60 seconds

  • operational rate of the flows should be developed gradually during 15-20 seconds

  • permeate obtained within the first hour of operation is discharged

Important information

  • After the initial soaking always keep the elements wet.

  • To prevent biofouling during long operation breaks it is recommended to submerge the membrane elements into preservative solutions.

  • Maximum pressure drop along the full length of the housing makes 2.1 bar.