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Utility water treatment containerized unit for Kurakhovo, Ukraine

Municipal water supply station in Kurakhovo was shut down due to crisis in Donetsk region. Ecosoft delivered a 24 m3/h mobile unit for treatment of water from surface reservoirs. The unit has been supplying Kurakhovo district with drinking water grade tap water since 2014.

Requirements. Obtaining regulation compliant drinking water from surface water with excessive organic matter, chloride, sulfate, sodium and hardness.

Source. Surface water reservoir.


Automated water treatment system with reverse osmosis installed in 40 ft container with climate control.


  • 200 µm particle filter

  • 5 µm fine filter rating Filter Ag+ media filtration system

  • Reverse osmosis system with Dow Filmtec™ membranes

Capacity. 24 m3/h

As of 2019, the system is used as a reserve water supply unit auxiliary to centralized water supply.