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Thermal power plant #6 of Kyivenergo

Object: chemical shop of plant

Task: water treatment to feed heating plants of power generating units with supercritical pressure 300 MW – sediment filtration, ultrafiltration, desalination of 1st and 2nd stages with reverse osmosis, electro-deionization.

Source of water: River Desenka.

System capacity: up to 200 cubic meters per hour


  • sediment filter, water purification from sediments (sand, dirt, scale, suspended matter)

  • ultrafiltration, reduction in content of colloidal suspended matter, bacteria and viruses, color and oxidation of water

  • 2-stage reverse osmosis system to prepare water for electro-deionization, elimination of 99.9% of dissolved impurities

  • electrodeionization, generation of deeply desalinated water <0.07 µS/cm


  • reduction in costs for treatment of 1 cubic meter of water from 17.4 to 2.9 UAH

  • continuous high-quality purified water

  • significantly smaller volume and concentration of reagents (half)

  • reduction in exploitation costs (including transportation and storage of reagents, consumption of electricity and water, time and resources for staff training)

  • full automation of process

  • reduction in space occupied by  equipment of 30%

  • reduction in discharge of aggressive wastewaters

Project commissioned in 2015.
Tags: Energetics


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