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Synevo company in Ukraine

A national network of more than 160 lab centers located in over 50 Ukrainian cities. The labs process 2.5 million orders, carrying out more than 12 million medical tests each year. Has been operating in Ukraine since 2007, subsidiary of the international Synevo brand.

A water treatment system for demineralization and disinfection was delivered and installed within the auspices of the project. The system provides exceptionally pure water for lab equipment.

There is a UV disinfection unit within the system. At nighttime, when water is not being consumed, sanitization of the storage tank is performed automatically.

The system represents a compact functionally complete module. The system’s equipment, control and measuring appliances, piping connections, regulation and isolation valves, are mounted on a metal rack. The equipment operates automatically.

System capacity: 6 m3/day

Key elements:

  • demineralization module based on reverse osmosis technology

  • storage tank with automatic sanitization system and water distribution system

  • UV installation

  • mixed action filters for final demineralization

  • central process controller


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