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Synevo, medical laboratories chain

A national network of more than 160 lab centers located in over 50 Ukrainian cities. The labs process 2.5 million orders, carrying out more than 12 million medical tests each year. Has been operating in Ukraine since 2007, subsidiary of the international Synevo brand.

Task: water treatment for lab equipment – purification from iron, chlorine, color, turbidity

Source: tap water

System capacity: up to 3 m3/hour


  • sediment filter Arkal 1” Short, purification from insoluble impurities

  • complex purification plant Ecosoft FK 1252 СЕ, reduction of hardness, iron, manganese, ammonium, organic matter

  • sorption purification plant Ecosoft FPA 1252, reduction of chlorine and organic matter

  • reverse osmosis plant with disinfection system Ecosoft МО 0,25 PLUS, reduction of 99.8% of dissolved impurities

Project commissioned: 2016