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Rosynka soft drinks plant, Kyiv

The installation is intended for the purification of both well and tap water used in the production of soft drinks. In the table, there are indicators requiring correction.

The 1st stage of installation was commissioned in 2013. Operational experience indicated the effectiveness and reliability of the technical solution that was introduced, and in 2016 the 2nd stage was commissioned.


  • Capacity – 40 m3/hour

  • Alkalinity reduction

  • Hardness reduction

  • Iron reduction

  • Natural organic matter reduction

  • Regeneration with application of HCl, NaCl

  • Chlorination with application of NaClO

Feed water


Measuring units

Well water




pH value

pH units


Suspended matter



Chemical oxygen demand

mg O2/L


Total salt content





















Technology description

As a solution, we have offered a technological scheme based on application of ion exchange methods, H-cation exchange and complex treatment with the Ecomix® filter media.

The feed water is purified by 25-micron filters, then it is supplied to four simultaneously switched on H-cation exchange filters, filled with weak-acid cation resin Dowex® MAC-3.

H-cation exchange is organized in such a way that all three filters are operating continuously, while the fourth one is being regenerated or is on standby. Each filter is equipped with an impulse consumption indicator and a set of automatic valves managed from the central controller.

Regeneration of the filter media is performed automatically with a solution of hydrochloric acid supplied to filters via an injector.

At the stage of H-cation exchange, carbonate hardness is fully removed from the water, and residual hardness doesn’t exceed 0.1 meq/L in the case of well water, so without any additional purification it is supplied to the tank of treated water. In the case of tap water, residual hardness is 0.6-0.8 meq/L, but the water needs to be purified from natural organic matter and iron, so it is sent for  additional treatment.

The water, after H-cation exchange, is supplied to four simultaneously switched on filters for complex treatment, filled with the Ecomix® filter media. The unique characteristics of this media ensure softening of the water and, at the same time, significantly reduce the content of organic matter and iron.

The construction and principle of operation of  filters with the Ecomix® filter media is absolutely analogous to that of H-cation exchange filters. Salt brine is used for regeneration of the media.

1-2 mg/L sodium hypochlorite solution is added to the filtered water with corrected mineral content, then the water is supplied to the tank from which it is supplied by the pumping station through a carbon filter to consumers. 

Purified water

Introduction of the technology ensured:

  • water of stable quality corresponds fully to customer’s requirements using two sources, tap water and well water

  • minimization of the space occupied by the installation (15 m2 for one unit with capacity of 40 m3/hour)

  • minimization of operational costs by application of highly effective filter media, weak-acid cation resin Dowex® MAC-3 and Ecomix®

  • full automation of the technological process and reduction of man-hours for system maintenance

Since the 1st stage was commissioned, the filters have been working without replacement of the media.


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