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First Dnipro Brewery

The Dnipro brewery is a large Ukrainian manufacturer of craft beer under the TM First Dnipro Brewery. Launched back in 1997, at first it was known only to connoisseurs, and was sold in ‘secret’ places. Currently, 8 different flavors of the craft beer are available to beer lovers throughout the territory of Ukraine. The enterprise aims to establish a beer culture in Ukraine. In 2015, the ‘Gourmet menu’ project was organized. It presented 52 types of beer in the space of 52 weeks.

Task: water treatment for technological processes in the brewery

Sources: municipal water supply system (hardness, oxidability, chlorine, oxidized iron, turbidity)


  • Sediment filter Arkal 2,0” Super

  • Ecosoft FP 2472 СЕ multimedia treatment system

  • Ecosoft FK 2472 Twin complex treatment system

  • Ecosoft FPA 2472 sorption purification system

  • UV disinfection unit Ecosoft UV EB45

System capacity: 7 m3/hour

Project commissioned: 2017