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Thermal heat plant # 2 of ‘Oil and gas production’ company

Water at the enterprise is used for two key applications: feeding of power grids and heating plants. Purification was performed in accordance with the classical scenario: lime application with coagulation, water clarification, sediments filtration with sand filters, 3-stage H-OH desalination (for feeding of heating plants) and Na-cationization for feeding of power grids. This scenario suggested application of a large volume of reagents. The technological equipment was physically worn out, the service lives of ion exchange resins had expired.

The purification system that was introduced partly involved equipment that is working currently. It enhanced the quality of purification, significantly reduced consumption of reagents and automated the operation of the water treatment unit.

Implementation of the modern water treatment equipment by stages:

Stage I (2012) Reverse osmosis installations

Stage II (2014) Ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis installations

Reverse osmosis installations

3 reverse osmosis installations 30 cubic meters per hour each. Number of membranes – 90 pcs.

This installation stands out through application of highly selective low-pressure membranes Filmtec™ BW30HR-440i with the unique inter-element connection iLEC™ preventing the spread of any leaks of feed water or concentrate.

Ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis installations

2 modules of ultrafiltration 70 cubic meters per hour each (32 membrane elements DOW SP-2860). 2 reverse osmosis installations of stage II 30 cubic meters per hour each (60 membranes Dow Filmtec™ BW30HR-440i).

As of the present time, assembly and adjustment of the equipment has been carried out. A controlled operation is under way. 

Tags: Energetics


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