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Mining company, Kramatorsk Ukraine

Source of water: water well.

Requirements: treatment of water for steam boilers (10 m3/h) and process water (5 m3/h)

Water hardness and total dissolved solids exceeded water quality requirements.


- Fine filters for removal of 130 µm and coarser particulates (sand, silt, rust) with a total capacity of 60 m3/h.

- Ecosoft MO-16 reverse osmosis system with Filmtec membranes and a total capacity of 16 m3/h.

- Chemical dosing pumps for lowering corrosion activity of RO purified water.

Key assets:

  • High quality of equipment and engineering
  • Energy and water saving Dow Filmtec membranes and Grundfos pump
  • Optimum design given the requirements specifications
  • Electrical safety CE certificate