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PJSC ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih

The largest mining and metals industry enterprise in Ukraine. Unique in accordance with its scale and capabilities. Possesses full metallurgic production cycle, coke-chemical, mining and processing complexes, mine administration for underground ore mining and metallurgical production, including agglomeration and blast-furnace processes, steelmaking and forming.

The project to install water treatment with a capacity of 300 cubic meters per hour for feeding heating plants with the pressure of 40 bar includes:

  • ultrafiltration water purification technology with application of Dow Ultrafiltration elements

  • reverse osmosis water treatment technology with application of Dow Filmtec™ elements

  • ion exchange technology of Na-cationization

Equipment used within the project:

  • ultrafiltration modules with capacity of 100 cubic meters per hour

  • reverse osmosis modules with capacity of 50 cubic meters per hour

  • Na-cationite filters 150-200 cubic meters per hour

  • mesh water filters 400 cubic meters per hour

  • replacement filters 80 cubic meters per hour

  • pump stations for feeding source water, washing UF modules, high pressure, chemical washing

  • dosing stations

Tags: Energetics