Water for office

Ecosoft F728DISP drinking water dispenser

Artnumber: F728DISP
Article: F728DISP

Basic information

Ecosoft F728DISP is a compact modern cooler convenient to dispense cold and hot drinking water. Inevitable for every contemporary office that orders bottled water.

The main distinction of the Ecosoft F728DISP dispensers is possibility of their connection to the reverse osmosis water purification system. In contrast to drinking water delivery service, the system provides uninterrupted access to fresh pure drinking water.

Key advantages

  • quick heating and cooling of the drinking water, preparation of tea and coffee

  • possibility of direct connection with the water purification system

  • fresh and tasty water 24/7

  • compact contemporary design to decorate interior of any office premises

  • long service life thanks to stainless steel and high endurance plastic components

Technical characteristics

Inlet pressure, atm


Capacity for heating, L/hour


Capacity for cooling, L/hour


Temperature of water heating, °C


Temperature of water cooling, °C


External connection to water mains, inches

JG 1/4

Dimensions, H x W x D, mm

990 x 325 x 335

Weight, kg


Power supply

230 V, 50 Hz

The Ecosoft F728DISP dispenser is intended for heating and cooling of the purified water.

The dispenser housing contains two tanks for cold and hot water accordingly. From the purification system, the water is supplied through the distribution system to the tank of cold water, and then through the connecting leg to the tank of hot water. The tanks are connected with back-flow valve preventing the hot and cold water from mixing.   

Maintenance of the dispenser is rather easy. It can be performed by both the service center and the owner herself. If the dispenser is connected to the stream reverse osmosis filtration system, to support its correct operation it will be sufficient to perform regular cleaning and sanitization of its external components (faucets, the tray for cups), as well as regularly decontaminate the tanks for hot and cold water.

In contrast to the bottled water which might have various composition, the water supplied by the reverse osmosis system prevents formation of scale and consequently additional cleaning of the equipment.