UV water purification

Ecosoft UV disinfection unit EB-45 (2 lamps)

Artnumber: EB45
Article: EB45

The Ecosoft EB-45 ultraviolet water disinfection filter represents a metal chamber containing 2 UV lamps inside special quartz sleeves. It is intended for disinfection of water for drinking and household purposes at home, in hotels, bars and restaurants, water refilling stations and vending machines, and can be used as an integral stage in water purification plants and for various industrial processes.   


Passing through the chamber of the filter, water flows around the quartz sleeve, and acquires the necessary dose of UV irradiation. The quartz sleeve is required to protect the UV lamp from leek of water inside its chamber.   

Key advantages:

  • large dose of UV irradiation (30 mJ/cm2) sufficient to neutralize a wide spectrum of microorganisms;

  • physical method of disinfection that does not require additional reagents or generate waste;

  • chamber made of stainless steel by AISI 304;

  • the sleeve is made of high-purity quartz, and is extra-resistant to formation of deposits or erosion;

  • long efficient service life – up to 9 000 hours.

Technical parameters

Maximum disinfected water flow, m3/hour


Type and number of lamps

2 x T585

Maximum inlet pressure, atm


Power supply

230 V, 50 Hz

Power demand of one lamp, W


Pipe connection diameter

2" thread

Appliance for lamp malfunction control


Approximate weight, kg


Feed water requirements

Temperature of feed water, °C


Turbidity, mg/L


Hardness, meq/L


Iron, mg/L


Manganese, mg/L


Hydrogen sulfide, mg/L


Components of the filter:

  • assembled stainless steel chamber

  • quartz sleeve

  • UV lamp

  • power adapter (electronic ballast)

Timely replacement of the UV lamp (once a year) and cleaning of the filter components from sediment and residue built up by water of inappropriate quality.