Swimming pools

Ecosoft polypropylene pool ECOPOOL45SROF

Artnumber: ECOPOOL45SROF

Key advantages:

  • polypropylene basin does not require any additional cladding or finishing

  • short terms of the pool construction

  • perfect leak tightness of the pool thanks to special construction technology

  • polypropylene is resistant to UV rays

Basic information

Polypropylene is the universal material that combines minimal thickness with maximum durability, resistance to aggressive environments and UV, and can be used to produce pools of various forms. Along with that, polypropylene is simultaneously finishing, water-proof, heat-insulating and construction material. Polypropylene pools significantly save the volume of construction works, by this saving your expenses.

Important features:

  • smooth surface of polypropylene prevents development of microorganisms, fungi and algae, by this reducing consumption of chemical agents necessary to take care of the pool

  • low thermal conductivity of the polypropylene pools keeps water temperature in the basin for a longer period of time, but this saving energy consumption

  • dirt does not stick to the walls of the polypropylene pools, making maintenance and cleaning of the basin simple and quicker process

  • polypropylene is resistant to UV rays, i.e. to fading of its color, so it will preserve its look for many years


  • Basin of the pool

  • System of water circulation

  • Circulation pump

  • Filter

  • Stainless steel ladder

  • Water level regulators

  • System of automatic replenishment

  • Control switchboard

  • Block of technical premises

  • Overflow container

Overflow pool is the pool where water is at the same level with the basin edge, and it flows to the perimeter overflow gutter. After that water flows naturally to compensational storage container. From the container with a pump the water is supplied to the filter, and then through injectors in the bottom flows into the pool. The container is equipped with water level regulators and system of automatic replenishment intended to protect circulation pump from dry running and emergency overflow, as well as to provide stable water level in the pool by replenishing it with the fresh water. The water discharge from the pool is performed through the bottom drain.

The overflow water induction system fits pools of any size and geometric form. Water surface leveling with the basin edge creates the classy look of the pool. The overflow system is more complicated compared the skimmer from the point of view of water circulation, but is more stylish. It is inevitable for a prestigious private pool construction project.   

Technical characteristics

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