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Avista RoClean P303 acid cleaning reagent 20 kg

Artnumber: P303
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Article: P303

Basic information

The RoClean™ P303 powder acid reagent is intended to remove deposits of iron, manganese and aluminium, as well as calcium sulfate for spiral wound thin film membrane elements.  

RoClean™ P303 provides pH temperature compensation to maintain required pH over a wide temperature range.

Key advantages

  • contains special blend of buffers, reducing agents and chelants for dissolution of metal deposits

  • compatible with thin film polyamide and cellulose acetate membranes

  • NSF certified for use beyond installations of membranes for drinking water treatment

  • highly buffered to resist pH changes during the cleaning process

  • temperature compensated to maintain optimum pH over a wide temperature range

Main features


white powder

2% solution pH



20 kg pail

Contains acid reagents intended to effectively dissolve deposits of calcium carbonate and sulfate, compounds of iron and manganese.

The buffer system of the reagent provides maintenance of required pH value during cleaning, as well as temperature compensation of pH for the most effective removal of deposits over a wide temperature range.

The proper composition of complexing agents significantly increases efficacy of iron, manganese and aluminium compounds removal, and prevents recurrent formation of the deposits of the dissolved impurities.

For effective cleaning, they prepare 2% solution of RoClean™ P303. In case of mild fouling of the membrane elements, or frequently performed process of cleaning, they use 1% solution of RoClean™ P303.

  1. Prepare a tank of required volume, and fill it with purified water. To intensify the cleaning, before mixing heat up RoClean™ P303 to 40°C. Add the calculated sufficient volume of RoClean™ P303 into the water, and mix the solution.

  2. The cleaning (the solution recirculation) is conducted for 60 minutes (minimum). Volume and temperature of the circulating cleaning solution, as well as pressure during the cleaning should correspond to the membrane elements manufacturer guidelines. The Avista Technologies company recommends the following values of the cleaning solution flowrate for the spiral wound membrane elements:

  3. Element diameter

    Flowrate, L/min





  4. The heavily fouled membrane elements have to be soaked in the cleaning solution for 8 hours.

  5. Monitor the pH of the solution during the cleaning process. If the pH level exceeds 4, prepare a new cleaning solution and repeat steps 1-4.

  6. When the cleaning is completed, rinse the membrane elements with water to wash the cleaning solution off them.