Residential wastewater treatment systems

EcoTron 15L domestic water treatment plant

Artnumber: EcoTron 15L
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Article: EcoTron 15L

Key advantages:

  • always fresh air around your house

  • high-quality components and thorough engineering approach

  • automation for reliable work without user’s involvement

  • anaerobic zone for autonomous operation during emergency power outages

Basic information

The EcoTron plant is intended for the buildings with no access to municipal sewerage system including cottages, private and country houses. The EcoTron plant is manufactured at the factory as a modular-block construction. As a result, preparatory and construction works are minimized. The technology developed by our specialists requires minimal maintenance of the plant. Biological purification is performed by microorganisms that decompose and oxidize organic impurities in wastewater, simultaneously releasing energy and proliferating.


Cottages, private and country houses inhabited by 12 to 18 people.

Benefits of using the plant:

  • no more unpleasant odors around the house

  • soil and plants are not polluted by nitrates thanks to deep purification of wastewater

  • no need for sewage disposal any more

  • preserves efficiency even for large discharge of wastewater


  • Housing

  • Membrane aerator

  • Air compressor

  • Sediment filter

  • Piping connections

Plant operation is based on the combination of mechanical and biological purification methods. Thanks to combination of anaerobic and aerobic processes purification efficiency might reach 97-98%. Residue and sediments are separated in the zone of mechanical purification with the special detention chamber. After the stage of mechanical purification wastewater flows first to the anaerobic zone where denitrification reactions take place. Then the waste water proceeds to the aerator where it is small-bubble aerated with oxygen. Large number of microorganisms forming the activated sludge while being in the sludge liquor absorb contaminants inside the cell. There exposed to ferments they undergo biochemical transformations by this purifying the wastewater. Sedimentation of the activated sludge takes place in the secondary settling tank. Further extraction of the purified water from the plant is performed by airlift. The activated sludge from the secondary settling tank is automatically and regularly supplied to the primary settling tank to enhance the process of wastewater purification.   

The EcoTron plant for wastewater purification requires minor maintenance.

The detain chamber for large contaminants is intended to filter large sediment (toilet paper, food remains etc.) fed with the wastewater inside the plant. It needs to be cleaned on the regular basis.

As a result of operation, the exhausted activated sludge will gradually accumulate within the plant. It is necessary to remove it once a year in average.

Technical characteristics:

Capacity, m3/day


Diameter, mm


Height, mm


Height of inlet connection, mm


Height of outlet connection, mm


Power supply

230 V, 50 Hz

Compressor capacity, W