Replacement filters

Pack of 2 replacement filters for Ecosoft pitcher filter

Artnumber: CRVK2EXP
Article: CRVK2EXP

The replacement filters for Ecosoft pitcher filters provide unlimited access to drinking water.

The replacement filters are filled with the Ecomix® media that reduces a wide range of typical impurities in tap water including chlorine, hardness, iron, manganese, natural organic matter and oil products.

Their application is particularly recommended for hard tap water with high content of iron and natural organic matter.

A benefit of purchasing the set: 10% economy.

The cost of water purification is significantly lower compared to purchase of bottled water.  

Benefits of using the replacement filter:

  • dishes will taste better

  • natural aroma and taste of tea and coffee

  • home appliances (kettle, iron, steam cooker etc.) will be protected from scale

  • purified water can be used to water flowers

The replacement filters are filled with the legendary Ecomix® media to reduce a wide range of typical impurities in tap water including:

  • sediments — sand, rust, scale, other insoluble impurities of various size

  • hardness — to prevent scale formation

  • chlorine and chlorination by-products — water acquires taste and odor of natural spring

  • iron — to eliminate metallic taste in water  

  • toxic heavy metals — as a result, they don’t accumulate in the human organism

  • manganese — water acquires natural ‘sea blue’ color

  • natural organic matter — to make water transparent

It is recommended to replace the filter every month regardless of the volume of purified water.

Step by step manual

  1. Take out the exhausted replacement filter

  2. Thoroughly wash elements of the pitcher filter

  3. For its normal operation submerge the new replacement filter for 5-10 minutes into water, shaking it to let air out

  4. Tightly install the new replacement filter all the way into the funnel

  5. Be sure to discharge first two portions of purified water

  6. The filter is ready to be used