Replacement filters

Ecosoft set of replacement filters for reverse osmosis filter 4-5

Artnumber: CSVRO75ECO
112.75 USD
Article: CSVRO75ECO

Attention! The replacement filters are applicable for reverse osmosis filters of other manufacturers.  

The 4-5 set of Ecosoft replacement filters is intended for 4th and 5th stages of domestic reverse osmosis filter.  

Advantages of the Ecosoft replacement filters:

  • world leader DOW FilmtecTM membrane (USA)

  • enhanced capacity of the membrane up to 280 per day

  • replacement of filters only once in 1-1.5 years or more  

Benefits of using the filters:

  • source of absolutely pure and safe drinking water perfect for baby formula

  • dishes cooked with the water will keep vitamins essential for human health

  • coffee beans and tea leaves will open up their flavors and aroma

  • home appliances (kettle, iron, steam cooker, air humidifier etc.) will be protected from scale

  • the pure water can be used to water flowers

The reverse osmosis membrane at the molecular level purifies the water from 99.8% of impurities including bacteria and viruses, unpleasant tastes or odors. The reverse osmosis is a physical, not chemical method of water treatment. The membrane replicates the natural structure of the plant membrane.  

The carbon post-filter is the final, 5th stage of the water treatment. It contains high-quality activated coconut shell carbon which improves taste and odor of the purified water, and tinctures it with slight sophisticated sweetish flavor.   

The Ecosoft  set of replacement filters 4-5 is intended for treatment of cold tap water only.

It is recommended to replace the filters once in 1-1.5 years regardless of the volume of consumed water.